Wood Wall Art


Reclaimed wood wall art is an absolute trend in modern interior design. Popular designers all over the world switched their preferences about the materials used, and now they choose eco-friendly wooden home décor.

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Product Description

Follow the Fashion Trends

Do you want to decorate your home with the original wooden details? We recommend you to obey the modern fashion trends. Today every celebrity and digital influencer amazes their followers in social media boasting the luxury bedrooms adorned with the reclaimed wood wall art. Great news is that Muller Designs gives you a chance to beautify your interior design in the same manner. Moreover, an exclusive reclaimed wood wall art will make your room look different – the space will be arranged in a new way.

Beautify Your Room

There is no need to plan a dusty repair of your apartment in order to make your place look better. If you want to bring a touch of charm to your home design, you should simply beautify your room with the reclaimed wood wall art. The naturalness of the reclaimed wood is absolute. Hence, you will become a lucky owner of the eco-friendly piece of art.

Select a Color

Reclaimed wood wall art can be customized to your wish. The choice of the color is your personal decision. We can paint the square pieces of the wall in one of 12 fabulous shades. However, if you want to make your wall more colorful, you can choose a combination of few hues.

The color shown it the picture is: Sky Blue