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The attraction of pipe table legs provides eye-catching elegance to your home and is guaranteed to generate a fascinating home environment. Each order includes four industrial pipe table legs made up of four 1 inch pipes, Dining room tables, kitchen tables, computer desks, worktables, TV stands, entrance console tables, and more can all benefit from these pipe table legs. With authentic malleable iron pipe, may create a personalized DIY look. These are high-quality industrial pipes and fittings that will last for years. For your personalized look, extra parts and accessories are available. This pipe table leg kit includes everything you will need to put the table legs together, as well as illustrated step-by-step instructions for cleaning and sealing.
– select the size you need
-fast and FREE shipping (shipped in less than 48 hours with priority mail)
-you will get a pair of table legs ready to mount to your tabletop
-free, easy returns
-The pipe is 1 inch, fittings are 3/4
– Lifetime warranty
– super easy installation
– color rustic black
-custom made to order item
-any questions please call for assistance



Pipe crossbar

add caster wheels

Adicional table leg (compatible with crossbar)



This Pipe table legs look amazing with any table top and fits to any style modern,rustic,industrial
you also can adjust a little bit of height in each side

measurements are from outside of the flanges

Our forged iron table legs are stylish, elegant and suit all kinds of tabletops. We have developed our table frames with a focus on a stylish look and great functionality. The holes in the top of the table legs make it easy to mount on wood and the threaded pipes are adjustable for uneven floors.

With the Pipe Design table legs/frame in iron pipe, you get a super flexible and extremely durable solution. The model is available in several different sizes, but is also offered in special sizes and can therefore be used for everything from dining tables, office tables, and coffee tables to high tables and computer tables.

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if you need some help to instal your table legs

Handmade metal legs for coffee tables

Our products, from metal legs for coffee tables, wood mirrors, barn doors, and others, are perfect and aesthetic. We make them from superior quality materials and with experienced craftsmanship to make our products in demand worldwide. Also, our eco-friendly atelier creates a perfect touch of rustic or modern to contemporary interior design for making the home or office aesthetic. Since our shipping and other services are the best and fast, thousands of customers trust us for repeated purchases.

Check out our magnificent coffee table legs metal, rustic mirror, wooden floor mirror, white bathroom mirror to buy only the best individualized handmade interior products.

Pipe table legs

Pipe table legs are essential for all homes worldwide to fit many tabletops, from coffee tables to dining tables. Our clients can select the size, shape, size, and material to make the best table legs, metal, and industrial pipe table legs. Our iron pipe table legs come with a lifetime warranty and are easy to install. We offer metal coffee table legs that are rustic black and ready to mount and also have free easy returns. It is easy to adjust the height with our best pipe table leg kit. Our best metal pipe table legs suit all tables apart from being stylish, elegant, and flexible to last long. We offer the best coffee metal table legs of different sizes, shapes, and styles and customize them according to our clients’ needs.

Hence, look no further and choose one of our best table legs, metal with the best finish and stunning looks, apart from excellent functionality and durability.

How to Make a Tabletop

Required Material:

  • 2 1/2-inch Wood Screws Box
  • Three 2×12 Tabletop Boards of 6 feet length
  • Drill with a bit for the screws

The table will be forty inches tall from the floor to the top, six feet long, and thirty-four and a half inches broad. However, you may change the measurements to achieve the required height, width, and length. Following are some simple steps to make a tabletop.

  • Nicely arrange your three tabletop pieces. Keep in mind that the top of the table surface is the side facing down on the floor.
  • Now drill and screw the support beams into the surface.
  • Next, place the huge clamps on each side of the set-up tabletop. Clamp the three 2×12 pieces together as tightly as possible to keep the edges in place while installing the support pieces.
  • Now, lay down the three support pieces over the three tabletop boards once you have fastened the tabletop together. Keep in mind that it is the table’s bottom surface.
  • Position the first thirty-inch 24 next to a line 7 inches from the edge of the table, with a 2-inch space on either side.
  • On the underside of the table, the central support is located dead center, with the same 2-inch space on either side. This meant that the central beam of our 6-feet table was right over the 36-inch (3-feet) mark.
  • Take your drill and a pilot bit when you have placed the support beams. Pre-drill all the pilot holes in the support beam for your wood screws.
  • After drilling all the pilot holes in the support beam, position and drive all the screws on each tabletop board. Make sure four screws for each 2×12 tabletop board.
  • Lastly, fasten all the beams to the support boards.

How to Attach the Legs to a Table

iron pipe table legs

Additional information

Table legs Height

18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 26 inches, 29 inches, 31 inches, 34 inches, 37 inches

6 reviews for Pipe Table Legs

  1. Benjamin

    good purchase perfect pipe table legs I needed a particular size for a table I have built with my brother, table legs are good quality the shipping was fast

  2. tom

    love these came in quick and look alot nicer than i expected waiting on othrr part to make my new desk with these

  3. tina

    Yes great product. I used them as legs on a 5ft desk. Next time I would also purchase the crossbar to create additional stability. Product was received quickly and well worth it.

  4. Amelia

    Yes great product. I used them as legs on a 5ft desk. Next time I would also purchase the crossbar to create additional stability. Product was received quickly and well worth it.

  5. Lucas

    These function perfectly as table legs. Measurements are true and final product is sturdy. It’s great to be able to order the exact size you’d like. I attached a set to a finished sheet of plywood and it the low profile of the pipe leaves plenty of room under my desk.

  6. Ellerie

    Fantastic pipe table legs ordered a custom order and were delivered on time. My new tabletop looks impressive, and the crossbar is extra stable.

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