Do you agree that vintage style is the most exquisite and elegant? If you want to make your interior graceful, get your vintage sliding door hardware. Subtle shapes of the wheels perfectly complement the fineness of the track and straps.

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Vintage Style

Vintage sliding door hardware will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the subtle shapes, which won the hearts of our predecessors in the past century. Retro style becomes popular again and more people choose the vintage sliding door hardware to adorn their homes. Vintage will never go out of vogue, and for this reason the value of vintage decorative elements will rise. Spoke wheels of this door hardware smoothly moves on the steel track, just like the wheels of the elite brougham rush through the road.

Therefore, this unique hardware will help you to transform your ordinary sliding door into the decorative element with the vintage gloss.

High Quality

We want to emphasize that vintage sliding door hardware presents the old style, but the new level quality. We craft all elements of the kit with the use of advanced technologies and high quality materials to ensure that sliding door’s owner will have no reasons to complaint about our products.

For the price of $229


(3’-6’) ft Raw Steel Track
2 traps with wheels
6 Steel Spacers
6 Hex Lag Screws
2 Track stops with bolts and washers.
4 Bolts for attaching the straps through the door.
1 L floor guide
Full instructions step by step how to be mounted.


-Bolts, Screws, Washers do not come painted as the color you choose for your hardware.

-Rail shorter than 9ft will come in one piece, longer than 9 ft until 14ft will come with a welded hinge in the middle of the rail for easy installation, and longer than 14ft will be send it in 3 pieces.

-If selected pre-drilled leave us a message where would you like the pre-drill holes, otherwise we will divide the rail equally.

-The weight limit for this hardware is 200lbs.


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