Do you prefer to see the classic white shade in your wardrobe and in your interior design? White color is pure, and it can refresh any room. This white wood framed mirror is made in traditional style, so it will be a perfect match for any home décor.

  • Color: White
  • Size: Select an option, the frame is around 3 inches wide.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • The mirror includes hanging hardware on the back and a video for easier instalacion.
  • Every mirror is sueper unique.
  • Build with eco friendly and non toxic materials.
  • The one shown in the picture is 5) 54 x 23 inches.
  • I can also create a different size, but please go to custom mirrors to discuss size, pricing.
  • https://muller-designs.com/product/custom-mirror-2/

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Pure Style

White wood framed mirrors is one of the most fashionable mirrors, which you can find in the market. The pure beauty of this mirror is breathtaking. The wooden tracery is clear-cut: the dark lines of the ornament look extremely glaring on the white background. The nature has already created an extraordinary pattern and designer only highlights its beauty with the help of the snow white paint.

The great news is that every piece of wood is 100% unique; thus, every line of the wooden tracery is exceptional. Consequently, the white wood framed mirror, which you will get, will differ from the mirror from the photos.

Handmade in the U.S.

If you value the fineness of every decorative item you buy, you will like our white wood framed mirror. The point is that our artisan use only high quality wood and, with the help of the accurate grinding, master eliminates the protruding wood fibers from the surface of the frame. Therefore, the white wood framed mirror is painted evenly. You can be sure that frame of your mirror will look stunning during many years.

White bathroom mirror

White is a pure color that many of our clients prefer for decorating their homes. We offer the best wooden framed bathroom mirror that is stylish and serves its purpose the best way possible. It could change the bathroom look to a five-star hotel bathroom for living a Hi-Fi life. Our rustic white mirrors are suitable to fix anywhere in the home to make it look stunning and envy the guests. Our wooden frame bathroom mirror has US craftsmanship and German quality. We make them with utmost care and concern to satisfy our customers’ needs. It involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and loyalty to our clients to give them only the best always. We offer the best white rustic mirror, a unique combination like most of our clients.

We make white rustic mirrors both in traditional and modern style to suit our client’s preference for decorating their homes. The white color and our right style can refresh any room to have an aesthetic look and add value to the house.

Hence, if you think white for your white bathroom mirror, we should be the first choice as we are specialists in making your home unique and spectacular.

it is  a good investment because our mirrors are a piece of unique art, the value of the item increases over the time.

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1) 23×23 inches, 2) 30×23 inches, 3) 43×19 inches, 4) 40×23 inches, 5) 54×23 inches, 6) 30×30 inches, 7) 67×19 inches, 8) 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, 10) 42×36 inches


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