Replace the standard white pantry and closet doors in your home with a cute set of these. Perfect to use as pantry hinged doors, bifold doors or to use as sliding barn doors too. Each raised panel is hand chiseled to perfection. No hardware is included in this listing price. Standard Size is any size up to 36″W X 84″H X 1 ½”D total opening width and height) per individual door. Pricing will increase slightly for larger sizes. The design you chose is on the front of the door, the back side is completely finished to match the color on the front w/vertical planks. It’s so stunning all around!!!

Before purchasing please feel free to contact me and I will personally help walk you through my process of measuring for hinged doors or sliding barn doors. I will explain it so easy that the stress of picking the right size will diminish. Stain (any brand | color) is included in my pricing. Paint is an additional upgrade. I travel all over to find the best lumber to build my products. All wood planks are kiln dried and come from the only the best sawmills in the United States. I personally condition each plank once delivered to my shop. I refuse to use mass produced wood planks from retail home improvement stores.

If you live in the Tampa area you are more than welcome to come pick it up and I will waive all shipping costs.

  • There are two types of the barn door hardware, which you can buy: mass market products and exclusive barn door hardware, which is made by a talented artisan. If you have a great taste and prefer uniqueness, then you will be happy to own an artisan barn door hardware of Muller Designs brand.
  • Are you dreaming about the wooden door, which is adorned with the exclusive barn door hardware? Muller Designs offers you the most glorious, and at the same time reliable hardware kits, which can become an unordinary decorative element of your apartment.
  • Are you searching for the easy way to beautify your apartment? What about adorning your sliding door with the exclusive barn door hardware kit? The stylish hardware can play not only functional role, but also decorative one.
  • Barn door track kit is a high-quality decorative element, which will change the look of your house. The slender design of the raw steel spoke wheels shocks the imagination with its simplicity and grace. Hand-made barn door track kit is a useful tool, which you can use to adorn your sweet home.
  • Are you dreaming about the massive door, which will look harmoniously in your not big room? We recommend you to take a look at bypass barn door hardware, which will help you to create extra space. Your door and your room will look gorgeous, while you enjoy the reliability of the bypass door system.
  • Classic Barn Door Hardware by Muller Designs is a little masterpiece of the interior design. Hand crafted hardware will adorn your door, your room and your private space. Choose the classic design to demonstrate your great taste.
  • The double sliding barn door hardware is a right choice for you, if you are looking for the most reliable door hardware with the maximum load capacity. This unique hardware will help you to fasten your sliding door in the most reliable way and at the same time, it will add some chic to interior design of your room.
  • The entrance door is the first thing, which people see coming into your house. We offer you a handcrafted exterior barn door hardware, which will beautify your house. Are you ready to prove your visitors that you have a great taste and wide knowledge in the field of interior design?
  • Are you looking for the flat track barn door hardware? We are happy to offer you a high quality kit, which is flat and neat, but at the same time durable and reliable! The flat track barn door hardware is handcrafted in the United States, so it has an ultimate level of quality and absolute elegance of style.
  • Is your house airy enough? Every individual should have enough personal space to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you want to improve the design of your room, choose a hanging sliding door hardware, which will help your to add some vastness.
  • Do you adore the rustic style? This style is a new fashion trend, which is getting more and more popular in the U.S. and abroad. Horseshoe barn door hardware is an original in shape decorative element, which perfectly suits the rustic interior design. Raw steel tracks and wheels are not only reliable, but also stylish, so it’s a great idea to use them adorning your house!
  • Do you want to bring good luck to your apartments? Horseshoe is one of the most famous lucky amulets, which people hang above the entrance door to protect their homes from the devilry. Horseshoe sliding barn door hardware is a unique kit, which will transform your exterior door into the supernatural defensive portal.
  • Your house is the best place to relax after the hard working days and to enjoy your spare time with your family in friends. Make your home look special with the help of our unique interior barn door hardware.
  • Interior sliding barn door hardware is an essential element of the stylish room design. Muller Designs offers you the most fashionable kit, which you can find in the market. This hardware is easy to install and easy to use, so you will be completely satisfied.
  • We are modern people with progressive views, so we desire to live in comfortable contemporary apartments. Modern barn door hardware is an amazing element of décor, which will help you to create a fashionable exclusive interior.
  • Rolling door hardware kit is a universal décor element, which can adorn your entrance door, your bedroom, storage space or even closet. Small wheels and flat track will fit any door and improve the interior of your house.
  • Rustic style is extremely popular nowadays, so it is a great idea to decorate your room with the rustic sliding barn door hardware by Muller Designs. Your renewed barn door will add the coziness and you will enjoy every moment you spend at home.
  • Years ago barn doors were popular in fancy suburbs of New York, such as Soho, but remained a gimmick for the rest of the cities. Today barn doors are widely available for individuals with a great taste, whether they live in the North American or Western Europe. With the sliding barn door hardware by Muller Designs you also can decorate your house in a stylish way.
  • Do you want to make your closet look special? With the help of our sliding closet door hardware you can make your room look exclusively and trendy. The sliding door is a great way to add some space to your apartment and keep your stuff organized.
  • Are you searching for the simple barn door hardware, which will complement the look of your door? If you believe that your barn door looks fantastic by itself, then you should choose this small barn door hardware. This kit has a restrained design, and it is compact in size.
  • Do you agree that minimalism in the interior is all about true beauty? Simplicity of the shapes, the compact size and not eye-catchy colors are major features of our top mount barn door hardware. This kit is the best option for those, who prefer modern and minimalism style in all fields of art.
  • Every apartment’s owner is a person with the exceptional personality, who has the right to choose the 100% exclusive interior design. Unique barn door hardware is the outstanding decorative element, which will help you to create out-and-outer home design and express your own individuality.
  • Do you agree that vintage style is the most exquisite and elegant? If you want to make your interior graceful, get your vintage sliding door hardware. Subtle shapes of the wheels perfectly complement the fineness of the track and straps.
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