Do you want to have a reason to smile every morning? Probably all you need is a bathroom vanity mirror by Muller Designs! Our mirror will not only adorn your bathroom, but also will make you feel absolutely comfortable. With the new bathroom vanity mirror you will enjoy the beginning of every new day.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: Select an option, the frame is around 3 inches wide.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • The mirror includes hanging hardware on the back and a video for easier instalacion.
  • Every mirror is sueper unique.
  • Build with eco friendly and non toxic materials.
  • The one shown in the picture is 2) 30 x 23 inches.
  • I can also create a different size, but please go to custom mirrors to discuss size, pricing.


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Perfect for Daily Routine

Bathroom is a place, where we transform our appearance: we take a shower, we comb the hair and we apply makeup. In other words, the magic happens in front of the bathroom vanity mirror: every morning one sleepy person enters the bathroom, and another cheerful person leaves it.

So, it is a great idea to own the bathroom vanity mirror, which you really like. It is an important element of the interior design, which makes positive impact on your daily routine.

Eco-Friendly Material

Bathroom vanity mirror is a unique piece of art, which will make your rest room cozier. The frame of the mirror is made of wood, so you can enjoy all benefits of this natural material. The bathroom vanity mirror is 100% eco-friendly; so, you should worry of its influence on neither your health, nor the environment.

Muller Designs guarantee that you will smile every time, when you see your reflection in the mirror.

IT is a good investment because our mirrors are a piece of unique art, the value of the item increases over the time.

The incomparable beauty of our handmade rustic vanity mirror

The rustic vanity mirror from Muller Designs is a creation of the mind and the heart. At Muller Designs, we aim at keeping everything basic and simple, elemental and earthly. Our unique rectangular vanity mirror reinforces the same beliefs and values. Available in different sizes, our rustic bathroom vanity mirrors are special because each piece differs from the other. Sustainability is at the crux of our existence and creativity at Muller Designs – the wood framed vanity mirror showcases our commitment to Mother Earth.

A piece to adore, this bathroom vanity mirror is surely going to be your prized possession for a long time to come. Adding elegance and style, the rustic vanity mirror from Muller Design is indeed an original piece of artwork from our talented team. The shape of the handmade rectangular vanity mirror gives the minimalistic art piece a distinct persona. Guaranteed quality, a great piece of creative work, and eco-friendly, our wood vanity mirror looks awesome and comes with promised durability.

It is easy to place your order for these uniquely engineered bathroom vanity mirrors. Priced reasonably, you get further discounts if you pick the artistically designed vanity wall mirror by yourself rather than having it shipped to you.

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1) 23×23 inches, 2) 30×23 inches, 3) 43×19 inches, 4) 40×23 inches, 5) 54×23 inches, 6) 30×30 inches, 7) 67×19 inches, 8) 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, 10) 42×36 inches


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