Start you day by entering your bathroom and enjoying your image in the gorgeous purple mirror. Every mirror has a unique frame with the exclusive wooden pattern, which was created by Mother Nature and masterfully crafted by designer Alexander Muller.

  • Color: Purple
  • Size: Select an option, the frame is around 3 inches wide.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • The mirror includes hanging hardware on the back and a video for easier instalacion.
  • Every mirror is sueper unique.
  • Build with eco friendly and non toxic materials.
  • The one shown in the picture is 5) 54 x 23 inches.
  • I can also create a different size, but please go to custom mirrors to discuss size, pricing.
  • https://muller-designs.com/product/custom-mirror-2/

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Royal Color

The purple mirror is a great solution, which will help you bring in twice more light and space into your place. Vanity mirror is the most important decorative element of the bathroom, because it’s the first thing, which catches attention. If you like the bright accents in interior design, then you will like our purple mirror. This color symbolize the majesty, therefore your bathroom will look like a rest room of the royal family. In addition, the tracery of the wooden texture looks absolutely sumptuous in combination with the purple color.

Every piece of the wooden material is unique by nature; therefore, your purple mirror for bathroom will be 100% exclusive. You can choose the horizontal or vertical orientation of the mirror placement in order to make it a perfect match for your interior.

Original Design

Wooden mirror frames designed and handmade by me Alexander Muller. I’m a German designer that traveled and studied in different countries, but now I’m living in Los Angeles.   My designs are unique and made out of wood, I design the shape and let the wood reveal its natural 3D texture. These mirrors are eco-friendly because I don’t use anything that can be toxic for the environment. Every piece has  my signature and date when they were finished on the back. They are ready to be hung in any place be it modern or rustic.

It Is a good investment because our mirrors are a piece of unique art, the value of the item increases over the time.

Purple, for ages, has been considered to be a noble and royal color. The rich texture of the hue makes any item or piece stand out. Bring home our hand-made purple mirror for its artistic charm and unicity. The entire combination of purple with the brown of the wooden frame immediately adds grace and beauty to your wall. We make and sell mirrors of different sizes and lengths, viable for use at different places bathrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. We have a few distinct sizes of the purple wall mirror starting at 23×23 inches. The different variations offered are 30×23, 43×19, 40×23, 54×23, 30×30, 67×19 and 42×36. To process the mirrors of these pre-fixed sizes,
If you want a customized size of the purple full-length mirror, we would be more than happy to create the item to your choice. You can get in touch with us to discuss the bespoke size and dimensions, and we will take it forward from there.
What is so special about Muller Designs purple floor-length mirrors?
The frames of the mirrors are all created from recyclable natural wood. No artificial material or any harmful ingredient is used to create these lovely pieces of décor pieces.
The mirrors are designed in-house by the owner of Muller Designs, Alexander, who has a passion for minimalist and aesthetically gracious things in life.
Every piece is handcrafted with minimal tools. Our customers can understand that a lot of love and emotional involvement goes into creating each piece.

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1) 23×23 inches, 2) 30×23 inches, 3) 43×19 inches, 4) 40×23 inches, 5) 54×23 inches, 6) 30×30 inches, 7) 67×19 inches, 8) 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, 10) 42×36 inches


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