Do you agree with the statement that beauty lies in simplicity? If so, this carbon gray mirror is the best choice for you. This hand-crafted mirror has a simple and clean design, yet it looks magnificent. You can put it on the wall in any room – in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

  • Color: Carbon Gray
  • Size: Select an option, the frame is around 3 inches wide.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • The mirror includes hanging hardware on the back and a video for easier instalacion.
  • Every mirror is sueper unique.
  • Build with eco friendly and non toxic materials.
  • The one shown in the picture is 5) 54 x 23 inches.
  • I can also create a different size, but please go to custom mirrors to discuss size, pricing.

Mounting options

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One wonders what is uniquely special about the color carbon gray? And yet, when you look at a piece colored with this tone, you cannot help but be amazed at the sophisticated look of the piece. That is exactly how our customers exclaim when they reach This link is where you can shop for our exotically simple CARBON GRAY bathroom mirror. The finesse of the color combined with the make and the simple materials that have gone into making the charcoal gray bathroom mirror will truly impress you.
Do you need more reasons to buy the CARBON GRAY bathroom mirror from Muller Designs?
Here are the reasons:
Each of the mirror has been framed by hand. Alexander Muller handcrafted designs the intrinsic framework. We have fixed dimensions 23×23 inches, 30×23 inches, 43×19 inches, 40×23 inches, 54×23 inches, 30×30 inches, 67×19 inches, 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, and 42×36 inches, but we are also experts in custom-making dimensions as per your requirement and wish.
Our charcoal gray bathroom mirrors are made from reclaimed wood from the US. Every care is taken to ensure the premium quality of the wood. Recycling wood makes this product an eco-friendly décor piece that adorns your bathroom with grace and glamor.

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1) 23×23 inches, 2) 30×23 inches, 3) 43×19 inches, 4) 40×23 inches, 5) 54×23 inches, 6) 30×30 inches, 7) 67×19 inches, 8) 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, 10) 42×36 inches


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