At Muller Designs, we have worked with antique mirror tiles and antique mirror glass for over a decade, providing the best German quality service and product.

We are a Family business specializing in unique and exclusive decoration and remodeling materials like antique mirror backsplashes, Antique Mirror walls, antique mirror glass for bathrooms, and different types of antique gold mirrors.


Introducing Muller Designs Antique Mirrors; you can purchase the mirrors through this site.

Muller Designs antique mirror tiles , antique mirror glass 

The Best News is That you purchase directly from the Manufacturer Muller Designs. This can assure you The highest possible quality and the most competitive prices because there is no intermediary.

We have researched for years the different aspects of mirrored tiles to create a perfect antique mirror glass that not only looks elegant and luxurious but is also easy to install.

In recent years the demand for antique mirror tiles or antique glass mirrors has been getting higher; you probably have seen these beautiful tiles in your family or friend homes, like antique mirror wall tiles or antique mirror backsplashes, expensive restaurants, and luxurious hotels and casinos adding the finale elegant touches to this establishments.

To meet the demand and expectations of our customers, we are always in stock and ready to ship.

We can create a custom size that fits your specific space.

The advantage of that is

1] your wall will look symmetrical because all tiles will have the same size.

2] you will not need to purchase 20% percent more tiles because cutting will not be involved,  tiles will not be broken, and you will  not have wastes

3] installation will be faster, easier, and twice as cheap because of that

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The Best ways you can use Antique Mirror tiles in your home or Business

.Antique mirror wall tiles:

You can create something spectacular by installing these antique mirror panels, mirror square tiles, or custom-made mirror tiles to any wall or space in your house, apartment, or business converting it into something unique and luxurious.

.Antique mirror backsplash:

Customize your kitchen or Bar, and create something super luxurious and unique using Muller Designs antique mirror backsplash tiles and antique mirror glass to outstand from the crowd

.Antique glass tile Table Top:

you can create a unique tabletop using antique mirrors. I recommend placing the antique mirrors and putting  a coat of epoxy

.Furniture and cabinets:

the perfect tune-up to create something super unique and luxurious would be using antique gold mirror and smaller tiles like 12×12 antique mirror tiles

.Antique mirror panels for Ceiling:

This is perfect for a luxurious new cafe restaurant or a new house with a big open space area. The distressed mirror glass will look stunning on the ceiling.

.Antique mirror for Bathroom vanity:

this is a great option to create something super unique and luxurious this will add a ton of value to your property or business

antique mirror glass Beverly Hills mansion transformation

The design and antique mirror texture from this antiqued mirror panels is an authentic pieces of art,

converting the room into something very unique.

Transforming the Kitchen Backsplash

Please take a look at this gorgeous antique mirror backsplash. Once you see this kitchen, you will wish to have the same one; this can drastically change your kitchen, converting it to a luxury gourmet kitchen. Besides the stunning look, the mirror tiles are easy to clean, and from the reflections, it makes it appear your kitchen is bigger.

Entryway cabinet antique mirror tiles transformation

This entryway cabinet is transformed into something exceptional using 24”x 24” antique mirror tiles and smaller antique glass mirror tiles, with an exceptional antique mirror texture becoming a unique piece of art . Each person crossing this entryway will remember it for a long time.


peel and stick antique mirror tiles Project

This is our peel and stick antique mirror tiles Project. I recommend this method if you think you are not staying for the long term. Otherwise, I always recommend silicon glue.

materials for this project needed

Antique Mirror Tiles 

double tape

peel and stick antique mirror installation video please see how it is done

Suppose you have any questions regarding antique mirror instalacion, how to antique a mirror, how to clean an antique mirror, or any other questions regarding mirrors. In that case, we specialize in aged mirrors and antique mirror tiles. Do not hesitate to write us.