Timeless Elegance: Decorating with Antique Mirrors

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In the realm of interior design, there exists a treasure trove of elements that can transform a living space into an exquisite work of art. One such element, often overlooked but brimming with historical allure and unmatched charm, is the antique mirror. These reflective wonders not only serve functional [...]

How to Clean and Preserve Antique Mirrors: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Clean and Preserve Antique Mirrors: A Comprehensive Guide Antique mirrors hold a unique charm that adds a touch of elegance and history to any space. However, their delicate nature requires special care and attention when it comes to cleaning and preservation. Cleaning an antique mirror requires a [...]


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24''x 24'' antique mirror tiles implemented as a key decoration in new high-end restaurant customers loved bathroom transformacion using 20''x 20'' antique mirror tiles this project this project was definitely worth it, after the remodeling using antique mirrors property was sold 76k + the asing price because everyone fell [...]

How to Build a Farmhouse Chandelier — Best Ideas

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Any handmade farmhouse chandelier will complement the living space in an original way. This is hardly anyone will deny. Such decorations give your interior an industrial character, fill the living space with an atmosphere of comfort, and add zest to the design. When building a custom model, people will [...]

Fruit Fly Fighting — 6 Effective Tricks and Traps

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Fruit fly fighting are a real challenge for many of us. It is enough to put a fruit dish on the counter, a glass of juice leftover in the sink, or an open jar of jam, it’s definitely happened that an annoying buzz appears in the kitchen. Moreover, these [...]

What is feng shui – all about feng shui

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What is Feng Shui Feng shui is 3,000 years old Chinese practice of arranging buildings, things, and the environment to produce harmony and balance. According to feng shui, all objects have energy called chi, which you can employ to attract luck, riches, and opportunity into your home. People across [...]

How to hang a mirror on a wall without nails

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How to hang a mirror on a wall without nails Mirrors are great for making an extraordinary visual space in any spot Mirror without Nails in your home. In any case, mounting it on the divider the right way is essential, which makes it a staggering task. In the occasion [...]

Room decoration ideas for small rooms

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– Experienced Designers Tips When the room is small it will be difficult to successfully place all the necessary items. This applies to the entrance hall, living room, and other spaces. If you are still sure that this cannot be done, then the tips below for Room decoration ideas [...]

Vehicle Electrification Market after covid 19

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Vehicle Electrification Market Vehicle electrification is an emerging and revolutionary trend in the automotive industry. Electrified vehicles point to numerous technologies in which electricity is a major contributor for propelling a vehicle. Figure below shows its various implementations: Vehicle electrification is a preferred option because it reduces CO2 emissions. [...]


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