Bathroom Remodeling Cost

1.     Bathroom Remodeling Cost

You might have a keen desire to remodel and renovate your bathroom, probably to enhance the overall value of your home in Washington DC or perhaps you are inspired by the architecture and aesthetics observed in a friend or relative’s home. Before you start this task, you should have a good level of awareness as to how much investment will be consumed as a bathroom remodel cost. According to the estimates, even a small bathroom remodeling cost may range between $1,500 and $15,000. This wide range highlights that the actual cost depends heavily on how you define the components and materials to be included in your project. Cosmetic upgrades may result in a fewer cost such as new plumbing fixtures, paint, and lighting run. However, if you are interested in a total tear-out and replacement, bathroom remodel cost may fall in the range of $5,000 and $150,000 in Washington DC.

The size of the bathroom also increases the bathroom remodel cost and the remodeling of a larger, master bathroom begins with $12,000. Further costs are incurred based on the type of materials used and the depth of the project. When calculated based on square feet, a typical bathroom remodeling in Washington DC may cost approximately $125 per square foot. You can also prepare your bathroom remodel project based on the number of installations you will include. Some of the essential installations that you might consider include a bathtub, countertops, cabinets, lighting fixtures, flooring, sink, shower, and toilet. Another approach could be to break the bathroom remodel cost under major heads. These should include demolition cost, design/labor cost, shower/tub cost, fixtures, lighting, and vanity.

Under the demolition cost, you should allocate a certain percentage of your total cost that will involve eliminating the fixtures, finishes, and components that you no longer need in the remodeled bathroom. In the design and labor, you should hire a bathroom designer who will create a mock-up and simulation for your review. The design cost may range between $500 and $4,000. Fixtures are relatively inexpensive but contribute significantly to the overall look and renovation. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the fixtures such as the replacement of knobs, showerhead, and faucets. For reducing the bathroom remodel cost, you may accomplish the task of fixtures yourself.

In the case of a total tear-out and replacement, the expensive components that you will need to install are the shower and bathtub. You will also have to account for the associated costs such as tiles surrounding the bathtub and the same will also be needed for a shower. These details will have given you an idea that the bathroom remodel cost is a function of various bathroom attributes. It is up to you how much depth and aesthetics you would like to incorporate in the bathroom design. You should ask the bathroom designer to come up with multiple options based on your requirements. Then select that option that is the most appealing to you, and at the same time, is cost-effective.

2.     How to Budget your Bathroom Remodel

The population of Seattle is 747,300 with 351,503 households, and it is the largest city in Washington. The city comprises numerous rowhomes, which means that there is a need for extensive bathroom remodeling in the city. Row houses are all structured in a row, and these low-rise residential plots share rooflines and sidewalls within a single structure. These built structures are found in famous American states including Washington to address the issues of higher land prices, higher housing demand, and the availability of narrow lots. Therefore, when you intend to renovate and remodel the bathroom, it is imperative to budget the bathroom remodel because the costs will vary depending on your requirements and the built structure.

The average bathroom remodeling project in Seattle can cost $13,500. However, your planning should not be affected by the average cost because the minimum range of such projects is as low as $4,000 and the maximum cost is as high as $35,000. The first aspect that will begin your budgeting is the size of your bathroom. The bathroom remodel cost can vary significantly based on the covered area and square feet. The average size of a bathroom in Washington DC is 5×7. Therefore, in most of the cases, the bathrooms will be categorized in a smaller size.

When you have identified the size of your bathroom, the next area of focus in the budgetary considerations is the bathroom design and layout. Since the bathrooms in Seattle, Washington are small and narrow because of following the row homes structure, the bathroom layout matters a lot. The design will determine the labor cost as well as the material cost. For example, in the design, you may decide on whether the whole bathroom will be covered with tiles or only the shower walls. Similarly, whether the 24-inch bathroom vanities will suffice or there is a need for a 60-inch double sink vanity. Therefore, a comprehensive bathroom design will get you close to the finalization of the budget and arrive at the bathroom remodel cost.

Once you have finalized the overall design, the next step is to finalize the specific remodeling materials. These materials may include bathtubs, tiles, lights, fixtures, mirrors, vanities, toilets, doors, and fans. An accurate budget can be developed when the quantities and the price of each material are added to the budget. For example, a tile for a square foot can be purchased in Seattle Washington in the range of $1 to $15. Similarly, bathroom faucet may range from $60 to $750. Therefore, to ensure accuracy in your budgeting, it is essential that you find out the price for each remodeling material. You may get quotations for lower, higher, and average prices from different vendors. Afterward, select the product that is durable and within your affordability.

You should also develop a timeline for your project and according to the experts, it takes around 3 to 4 weeks. Your budget should accordingly be distributed for each task so that the availability of the required amount could be ensured at a particular time.

3.     Huge Difference between Contractors’ Quotes for my Bathroom Remodels

You may want to remodel the bathroom of your house and you might be done with the planning and designing aspect. However, there is still a tricky phase that requires paying attention to details. It is because the time has come when you will have to select the right contractor for your project. You may pick the right contractor based on recommendations, portfolio, and licensing certificates, However, soon, you may encounter a situation where there is a huge difference among the quotations received from different contractors.

This situation may arise due to various factors. Due to the growth of online platforms, bathroom remodelers have also projected their portfolio on the web, and they receive star ratings based on customer reviews on different websites. For example, the website presents a list of bathroom remodeling contractors that are offering their services in Washington, DC. The website not only mentions the areas of expertise of each contractor but also presents the rating of each contractor on a scale of 1 to 5. Next to the rating, it also shows the number of customers, whose reviews formed that rating. The contractors capitalize on this online reputation and contractors with higher ratings are expected to charge you more for the same set of services.

The differences in the quotes may also arise if you just show the bathroom design and requirements to the contractors. In that case, you have not mentioned the specific brand, model, and price of the material. Therefore, the contractors will add the material cost themselves based on the material they deemed suitable for you. Eventually, you may not be satisfied because the procured material may be sub-standard or beyond your budget. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do some research and add all the price specifications to create an overall bathroom remodel cost. In that case, the contractor will only add the labor cost and based on the comparison of different contractors, you can decide which contractor is available at the affordable labor cost.

You should also focus on whether you are aiming for a grand remodeling or just fine-tuning and enriching the model that already existed. In the case of grand remodeling, there will be a large difference in the bathroom remodel cost among different contractors. It is because they will view the scope and nature of work differently based on their areas of expertise and the training of their workforce. If you just aim to fine-tune the existing model, then you should focus on the least expensive quote because the minor modifications can be done easily by any licensed contractor even if they do not possess vast experience.

The location also matters and creates a difference in contractors’ quotes. For modification work, the ideal situation would be to select a local contractor instead of the best contractor at a remote location. In that way, the required material will be purchased from nearby stores, and transportation costs will be reduced for reaching the labor to the destination.

4.     Why Should I Pay More for the Bathroom Remodel?

When you prepare the budget for bathroom remodeling, you will have to make a trade-off between splurge and saving. Usability and function is the most critical factor for which you should pay more concerning the bathroom remodel cost. For example, you may purchase tiles with artistic looks and vintage style, but if they cannot be fitted well and create problems in smooth moving, you will not be satisfied with the overall quality of your bathroom and disappointed with the investment made. You should pay more only if it brings more convenience and it is easy to use the space and the features within that space.

In the end, you will need a good flow of water in the materials, and bathtubs and toilets that work well. In the case of Seattle, Washington, the increasing number of row homes structures has made it imperative to allocate some amount as a bathroom remodel cost because the bathrooms occupy a smaller space, and an ideal design, appropriate selection of materials, and proper fitting can add a huge value to your house. In your home, there will always be frequent use of bathrooms, and any inconvenience will keep you in bad mood for the whole day. So, you should always pay more and make this space of your home a well-organized and artistic space. When you welcome guests at your home, they are also likely to use this space. They will not receive a good impression of your home management and detail-orientation if the bathroom is filthy and not equipped with all amenities.

You should also pay more in the bathroom remodel cost if you have plans of shifting to a new place. Seattle, Washington is a place where the purchaser of your home will place a high value on how well your bathroom is structured and whether or not you have focused on the remodeling. You will not receive your desired amount from the purchaser if you have overlooked this space of your house.

During this era of coronavirus pandemic, the United States is among the worst-hit countries from this pandemic. Scientists have discovered that coronavirus also lives on surfaces for an extended time. The virus can stay from hours to days on surfaces. These surfaces include metals, plastics, wood, copper, aluminum, ceramics, glass, and steel. This situation, in the current context, has increased the significance of a clean and remodeled bathroom so that all surfaces are well-managed, and proper use of detergents can save individuals from coronavirus.

If you are using an old bathroom, the chances are that energy-efficient techniques are not built into space. There may be a huge water wastage and inefficient lighting. You may also experience insufficient air-circulation. If you spend some amount as a bathroom remodel cost, you will not only increase the efficiency of the materials but also add to the safety aspect. Example safety measures include a zero-threshold shower, handrails, non-slip tiles, and a shower seat. Adapting to the current style and technology is always a good idea and bathroom remodeling is a prudent investment.

5.     List and Price for Required Materials for Bathroom Remodel

When you have decided to go with the bathroom remodeling, you should prepare your budget wisely. You can save a lot on the project implementation if you have adequate knowledge regarding the required materials and the best price offer for each material. Below, I have mentioned the list and price for required materials that will optimize your bathroom remodel cost and ensure that your spending will stay within your available budget.

According to, in a typical bathroom in Washington DC, many features are installed including sinks, toilets, showers, faucets, and floors. The minimum bathroom remodel cost in Washington DC is $5,650 and the maximum is $20,000 with a median cost of $12,000. In many bathroom materials, the size of the bathroom matters a lot and hence, the pricing is mentioned as per square foot or /sf. These materials include wall tiles and marble tiles. The cost of materials can further be classified based on material types such as shower and bathtub, backsplash, countertop, and sink material. The minimum and maximum bathroom remodel cost for different materials for Washington DC are given in the tables below:

Bathtub and Shower MaterialMinimumMaximum
Tiles for Shower$3 per sf$6 per sf
Tiles for Walls$2 per sf$8 per sf
Bathtub (Cast Iron)$400$2,500
Glass Shower Panels$865$1,220
Steam Showers$2,500$6,200
Shower Doors (Frameless)$900$1,300
Backsplash MaterialsMinimumMaximum
Tumbled Marble$8 per sf$17 per sf
Subway Tile$6 per sf$14 per sf
Granite$34 per sf$59 per sf
Mosaic Glass Tile$31 per sf$49 per sf
Stainless Steel$12 per sf$21 per sf
Acrylic$12 per sf$23 per sf
Ceramic$4 per sf$8 per sf
Caesar Stone$40 per sf$100 per sf
Vetrazzo$85 per sf$165 per sf
Copper$90 per sf$140 per sf

There are also various accessories that add to the bathroom remodel cost. Some of the essential accessories are mentioned in the list below:

Mirror Installation$140$400
Hardwood Floor$5 per sf$8 per sf
Room Paint$180$490

If you aim for a comprehensive and complete remodeling of your bathroom, then the demolition cost also contributes to the overall bathroom remodel cost. The demolition safety materials such as gloves, respirator, and safety glasses may cost up to $550. The proper water disposal will require using a construction dumpster whose cost ranges from $300 to $600.

One of the objectives of bathroom remodeling may be to increase the space during the renovation. This is particularly relevant to Seattle, Washington where row home structures have made the size of bathrooms smaller. In that case, you will be required to hire the services of a structural engineer, and it will cost you around $5,000. Other costs will include rerouting plumbing ($45 to $150 hourly) and rerouting electrical ($50-$100 hourly).