Mounting a mirror to a wall is hardly a challenge these days. Each of us can find many effective tools when visiting a hardware store. The same goes for lifehacks. But, this does not mean that people can’t be confused. Most often, a feeling of uncertainty is about a novice repairmen who do not understand which way to choose. So, we decided to find answers to important requests.

Modern bathroomModern bathroom

Mounting a Mirror — Basic Principles

Any mirror is for interior decoration and affects the overall feeling of comfort. With correctly chosen installation location and type of frame, the interior gains a few extra squares. Plus, people are able to see themselves in a full-length. If you want to hang a mirror, immediately determine the wall and height from the floor. In most cases, people will have to work with different materials. In addition to silicate, it can be aerated concrete or wood. Remember that drilling in a wall is a lot of dust that furniture can pick up. It is best to cover all household appliances with an oilcloth in advance. Regardless of materials, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of mirrors:

  1. Frame and glass weight. Most mirrors are huge, people want to see themselves in full view. Such a trend is suitable for any bathroom or hallway, but it is not always safe. Falls can be hazardous, before hanging any mirror, people must make sure that the chosen mounting method is reasonable.
  2. Setting time of glue or other building materials. It is better to read the instructions and find out how long it takes for each stage of installation. The method of preparing the base is also important. In some cases, cleaning or degreasing of the surface is required to get the installation.
  3. Resistance of the fittings to moisture. Most often, people hang a bathroom mirror. This means that the self-tapping screws and other fasteners can rust and become less resistant to weight. Such nuances should be considered before installation, even when people are going to a hardware store.

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Drill, Screw, Hammer — The Key Tools

Of course, any handyman can choose different ways to mount the mirror. If people don’t want to bother, they suggest screwing the frames to the wall. This is a good option when there are no tiles between the brick and the mirror. But when someone wants to outweigh the frame, they will realize that they were wrong with the choice. So, with any use of screws, nails, and bolts, think a few times. If you do decide, move with the following guidance:

  1. The best place to hang a living room mirror is on the wall behind the sofa, above the dresser or fireplace. It depends on what effect the people want to have. They should pay attention to what objects will be reflected in the mirror. For example, it is not customary to hang glass elements in front of the window. In this case, the sun’s rays will dazzle every time people look in the mirror.
  2. Mounting a mirror to a wall requires accuracy. Use a pencil or chalk to draw lines. The larger glass will certainly be more difficult to lift, so help from an assistant is needed. It is best to mark the fasteners according to the laser level and make sure that the glass does not experience pressure points. This means that the wall must be perfectly flat.
  3. Here’re general guidelines for mounting any mirror in the bathroom: the upper edge is 10 cm higher than the tallest member of the family, width in the size of plumbing accessories, or slightly less. The lower edge must be 15–20 cm from the sink to avoid constant splashes, streaks, stains. Glass thickness from 2 mm cannot be used in the bathroom, otherwise the mirror will be fragile but no more than 10 mm, so as not to make the structure heavier.

What Equipment People Need To Mount a Mirror?

Concrete walls, plaster under a layer of tile adhesive are a high-strength base with good load-bearing capacity. Plastic dowels for self-tapping screws, anchor hooks are held securely in such walls. So, people prefer dowel driving or screwing. But they should understand that not every drill will work on some types of walls. In the case of particularly hard materials such as silicate or concrete, people will need a pneumatic drill. It is also necessary to select suitable bits, which is costly and time-consuming.

Mounting ideasMounting the mirror

All huge mirrors are best fixed with holders. The handyman will have to drill holes and use self-tapping screws or be glued to a neutral sealant. For light, small mirrors, people can choose alternative ways of mounting the frame. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

 Mounting a Mirror Without Drilling

Drilling walls brings some problems. People need to have the right equipment, they should understand the specificity of the material. So, any savvy handyman is looking for an alternative. They don’t want to drill holes in the wall to hang a big mirror in the hallway or bathroom. No problem at all, there is a less drastic way to decorate the wall. Any handyperson can use drywall or double-sided mounting tape.

Mirror mount Mirror mount

The easiest way to mount a mirror is to insert it into special brackets and fix the upper part. This hack is for medium-sized frames. It is quite simple to choose brackets for the bathroom interior because such devices are wooden, chrome-plated, and even transparent. As an alternative, a butterfly dowel, which is suitable only for a mirror structure weighing up to 20 kg. If the weight is even greater, it is better to fix the frame tightly.

Is it Possible to Mount a Mirror Without Fittings?

An alternative handy tool that is useful for anyone who decides to install a mirror and doesn’t want to drill holes in the wall is double-sided mounting tape. In this case, the interior looks quite aesthetically pleasing. Although such a lifehack is only suitable for small frameless mirrors. If you do decide to use double-sided tape, consider the following:

  • Adhesive tape should be glued around the perimeter and criss-cross in the middle
  • The protective paper layer remove immediately, the sticky surface press against the wall
  • It is inconvenient to hold the mirror with your hands; it is best to use glass jacks

Mirror mount with double-sided tapeMirror mount with double-sided tape

Mounting a mirror will not be a challenge. This work can be easily done with special pins, self-adhesive hooks, double-sided tape, or glue. Much depends on the size and shape. The idea of leaning the mirror against the wall, installing it on a dresser or on the floor will also be successful.