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Kitchen remodeling costs range between $4,000 and $60,000 with the U.S. national average of $25,100. In terms of square feet, the average spending by homeowners is observed at a low end of $75 per square foot and the high end of $250 per square foot. The wide range of costs is due to the fact that the total kitchen remodel cost varies based on the quality of materials, kitchen size, and room layout.

Kitchen remodeling may be a small project such as realigning the cabinets, painting the walls, and/or upgrading the sink. However, a complete remodeling will include the installation of hardwood floors, custom cabinets, energy-efficient and environment-friendly appliances, and granite counters.


The kitchen remodeling cost will depend on the number of features that are part of the new kitchen design. A typical list of features includes appliances, cabinets, countertops, faucets, flooring, sink, backsplash, and painting. The price range of these features and their contribution to the total cost are as follows:


 Price Range

 Percent of the total cost



$100 – $600 per appliance

10% – 25%



$200 – $2,500

5% – 10%



$100 – $500 per cabinet

10% –22%



$125 – $550 per faucet

8% – 15%



$600 – $3,000

8% – 10%



$150 – $1,200

10% – 15%



$100 – $600

8% – 10%



$100 – $600

10% – 12%


 Besides features, the labor cost is a significant proportion of the total cost. The labor rate of remodeling contractors will vary based on the number of features to be installed. In the U.S. environment, the rates will range from $3,500 to $6,000, when only the installations are required. Instead of hiring general labor, you should particularly ask for quotes from a kitchen remodeling contractor. The overall labor cost may account for 25 to 30 percent of the total costs. There are some factors that you need to consider before finalizing a remodeling contractor:

  • If you hire professional labor, you will consume 25 to 30 percent of the total budget
  • Ask quotations for per day and number of hours so that you could estimate the total labor cost based on the number of features and size of the kitchen
  • Prefer the remodeling contractor close to your home and purchase the material from nearby shops to expedite the work and reduce the labor cost per hour

When you remodel a kitchen, the new model may not fit into the existing structure, and in that case, you will require gutting the kitchen. The demolition cost ranges from $300 to $3,000 based on the area to be demolished. In the U.S., different states have regulations for the proper disposal of waste to landfill sites. Therefore, the particular regulations in your area will also affect the demolition cost.

Another area of consideration is your preference between custom designs and prefabricated materials. Table below shows how the cost varies between these two options:


 Custom-built or High-end

 Prefabricated or Economy



$700 per linear foot

 $200 – $300



 $100 – $900

$300 – $500


  Knife Block

 $500 – $750

$200 – $300



 $300-$450 per fixture

 $150 per fixture


If you go for a major kitchen remodeling, you will need to change the entire plumbing layout, and it will also require getting a permit from the city. Depending on your agreement with the contractor, you will either get the permit yourself or your contractor will get it for you. Since the kitchen is a space for cooking, a major remodeling will also require getting a permit for handling the lines of natural gas. In that case, you may consult with your local building permit office. You may also need a kitchen demolition permit from the building office because the remodeling may not align with the overall design and look of other kitchens in the building. Contractors are well aware of these formalities, and a permit by the contractor will cost you up to $800.

You should also evaluate and compare the costs of different companies and vendors to arrive at the selection with the best quality at an affordable price. Some of the leading providers of kitchen remodeling are mentioned in the table below:


Typical Prices (materials + labor)



  Granite Transformations

$20,000- $30,000

Full-service kitchen remodeling


  Kitchen Magic

$10,000- $20,000

Kitchen remodeling and free in-house consultation


  Hammer & Hand

$15,000- $25,000

Kitchen remodeling services based in Seattle with a focus on luxuriousness and sustainability.


  Alure Home Improvements

$20,000- $30,000

Full-service kitchen remodeling with designs and features


  Case Design

$30,000- $40,000

Upscale designs based on the requirements of homeowners


  Kitchen Plus

$8,000- $20,000+

Kitchen remodeling services based in Seattle and established credentials since 1992.


  Kitchen Tune-up

$15,000- $40,000

Offers services with four remodeling options with different price points.



$8,000 – $15,000

Delivers custom kitchen designs and also hosts community seminars for increasing awareness.


  Great Lakes Granite and Marble

$10,000- $15,000

Customized kitchen remodeling with customer countertop fabrication.




In the case of a minor remodeling of kitchen features, the contractor will charge you for the whole project. However, in the case of a major renovation, you should ask for the kitchen remodel cost per square foot. This will give you huge savings if your kitchen covers a small area. The average kitchen remodel cost ranges from $75 to $250 per square foot. The table below shows the categorization based on per square foot:

  Kitchen size (square feet)

 Average Cost


  1 to 70 square feet (Small Kitchen)

$5,000 – $20,000


  100 to 150 square feet (Medium Kitchen)

$15,000 – $40,000


  Greater than 150 square feet (Large Kitchen)

$30,000 – $60,000+


 The concept of kitchen remodeling is applied in different designs and styles. The average kitchen remodel cost ranges between $8,000 and $25,000. The minimum cost is $7,000 and the maximum cost for a master/grand kitchen remodeling is $75,000.

Kitchen remodeling may require minor adjustments and additions of features. A small project includes refacing cabinets, painting walls, installing a tile backsplash, and sink upgrade. This type of small kitchen remodeling costs between $10,000 and $15,000. Further costs may be incurred if you also intend to renovate the kitchen that will include the installation of granite counters, custom cabinets, high-end appliances, and hardwood floors. With these additions, the cost may increase to $30,000.

Kitchen expansion is a complicated task and you should consider several factors while opting for it. The expansion may take the form of moving internal walls or it may translate to adding to the size of the home. In both cases, you will require a permit from the concerned authorities, otherwise, it may be considered as an encroachment to the current design of the building. Once you have decided about the area of expansion, then the following cost parameters will guide you to decide at the cost per square foot in your case.

  • The expansion up to 70 square feet will incur an average cost between $5,000 and $20,000
  • The expansion greater than 70 square feet up to 150 square feet will incur an average cost between $15,000 and $40,000

Another critical cost factor is the incorporation of accessibility features. Adding accessibility features and renovating a kitchen to accommodate a disability may require huge modifications. Each adaptation is unique and the overall cost will depend on the type of adaptation. A small project requires only the installation of grab bars that will cost $140. If an entire kitchen remodeling is required, the average cost will be $9,000. A high-end renovation may incur the cost of up to $40,000.

Regarding disability modeling, there are several factors that you may use to avoid injuries and ease the use of the kitchen. You should remove the obstacles and cover the thresholds with rubber mats. Differently-abled persons should find it easier to navigate and remove the hurdles if they find one. You should also ensure that all furnishings and counters have rounded edges. It will prevent the risk of injuries. You should also install outlets and switches at around 30 inches for easier accessibility. If you also want to build a wheelchair ramp, then it will cost you between $1,500 and $3,250.


  Installation (materials + labor)

 Low Range


 High Range


  Installing Appliances

$100 – $200 per appliance

$200 – $400 per appliance

$400 – $600 per appliance


  Installing countertops

$200 – $500

$4000 – $1,000

$1,000 – $2,500


  Installing cabinets

$100 – $200 per cabinet

$200 – $300 per cabinet

$300 – $500 per cabinet



$100 – $200

$200 – $400

$400 – $600


  Install Flooring

$600 – $1,000

$1,000 – $1,500

$1,500 – $3,000


  Install Faucet

$125 – $200 per faucet

$200 – $300 per faucet

$300 – $550 per faucet


  Install Backsplash

$150 – $400

$400 – $800

$800 – $1,200


  Install Sink

$100 – $250

$250 – $400

$400 – $600


  •  The low range prices are for small kitchen remodeling
  • The mid-range prices are for sizeable improvements and furnishing
  • The high range price is for complete kitchen remodeling and custom designs

Kitchens cabinets are one of the most expensive items in kitchen remodeling. They can incur a cost between $2,000 and $8,000. Kitchen cabinet products are also sold per linear foot, and in that case, their prices range between $75 and $1,500 per linear foot. There will be significant differences in price range depending on whether you order a prefabricated cabinet or go for a custom-built cabinet:

  • The price range of prefabricated cabinets is from $75 to $150 per linear foot
  • Price range of semi-custom cabinets is from $100 to $1,000 per linear foot
  • Price range of fully customized cabinets is from $500 to $1,500 per linear foot

You may need to reface and refinish the existing kitchen cabinets. This will give a brand new look to the cabinets without replacing them entirely:

  • Refacing cabinets will incur a cost between $4,000 and $9,500
  • Refinishing will cost between $1,500 and $4,000

The appliance cost will vary with several factors. Custom-built products such as ovens, dishwashers, stoves, ranges, and microwaves will cost you between $1,000 and $10,000. Freestanding units will cost between $1,000 and $5,000. Energystar appliances will provide huge energy savings in the long run, but initially, you will have to pay a higher initial cost of those appliances. The average cost of these appliances is between $300 and $3,000.

Various options such as granite, soapstone, and marble are available when selecting materials for countertops and the cost also varies accordingly as shown in the table below. You should make the selection carefully because countertops play a pivotal role in the usability and look of the kitchen space.

  • Granite countertops are durable, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
  • Soapstone countertops are heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and easier to sand away
  • Marble countertops are durable, heat-resistant, and long-lasting


 Average Cost


  Granite Countertops

 $2000 – $5,000


  Marble Countertops

 $2,700 – $7,000


  Soapstone Countertops

 $2,000– $5,000


  Tile Countertops

 $800 – $2,000


  Quartz Countertops

 $1,500 – $4,000


  Concrete Countertops

 $2,000 – $4,000


 Flooring installation is a significant portion of the total kitchen remodel cost and its cost ranges from $1,500 to $4,500. The defining cost factors include the type of material used and the square footage. As shown in the table below, the cost-effective options are linoleum and vinyl flooring but they do not enrich the overall look of the kitchen. The expensive options are granite, wood, and tile and they also increase the overall value of your home. The expensive flooring options also add complexity to the maintenance.


Average price range



 $1,000 – $1,500


  Ceramic Tile

 $500 – $2,000



 $1,500 – $4,000



 $800 – $2,500


 In a major kitchen remodeling, you will also need to replace the pipes and connect them to the mainline (costs shown in the table below). The electrical work will also require after the demolition of old components and moving a gas line may also be required.


 Economy & Basic

 High-End & Custom



 $150 – $200

 $200 – $350



$200 – $300

 $300 – $550



 $500 – $700

 $700 – $1,100



 $150 – $1,000

 $1,500 – $4,000


 Price of other kitchen fixture items includes:

  • Electrical work will be accomplished at the rate of $50 to $100 per hour
  • Upgrading an electric panel will cost $1,000
  • Adding an electrical outlet will cost $175
  • Moving a gas line will incur an average cost from $250 to $800

Various factors should be considered in estimating kitchen remodel cost. The first aspect is longevity. You should ask yourself how long you plan to stay in your current home. If you have future plans of relocation, investing in a complete kitchen remodeling will not be prudent. You should spend from 5 to 10 percent of the total value of your property on kitchen remodeling. In this way, if you shift from your current location, the remodeling will add to the value of your house. On the other hand, if you stay within the current premise, you will have a good experience in using your kitchen and you will also save a substantial amount on your energy costs.

The second factor is the neighborhood. Your kitchen remodeling should match the standards in the neighborhood. The cost of the flats within a building is considered matching and does not vary significantly from one flat to another. The buyers usually have a design of the overall building in their minds. Investing too much in kitchen remodeling may give a good experience when you use the kitchen yourself, but the cost of the home may not increase after reaching a saturation point.



Kitchen remodeling cost also varies significantly among different US states. You can get exciting discounts in New Jersey. However, you may have to pay a higher amount, if, for example, you reside in San Jose, CA where the minimum kitchen remodel cost is $30,000.

The price includes the material cost as well as the labor cost.

  City, State

 Average Cost


  Seattle, WA

 $16,000 – $40,700


  New Jersey

 $6,000 – $14,000


  Los Angeles, CA

 $27,700 – $53,000


  Springfield, MA

 $9,000 – $22,500


  San Diego, CA

 $23,500 – $49,000


  Chicago, IL

 $13,000 – $33,000


  Las Vegas, NV

 $20,700 – $39,000


  Dallas, TX

 $10,400 – $28,000


  Portland, OR

 $13,400 – $32,000


  San Jose, CA

 $30,000 – $59,000


  Miami, FL

 $10,800 – $29,000


  Cleveland, OH

 $10,000 – $22,000


  Boston, MA

 $15,700 – $38,500


  Phoenix, AZ

 $11,400 – $29,000




If you are satisfied with the current design and look of your kitchen, but want to renovate it because several years have passed, you should consider the renovation cost of the kitchen instead of the kitchen remodel cost. The renovation cost may extend up to $30,000 that will include installing hardwood floors, custom cabinets, high-end/energy-saving appliances, and granite counters.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it is a good idea to renovate it periodically to add new features of energy efficiency and sustainability. A fresh and healthy meal can be prepared when the kitchen is equipped with all modern and state-of-the-art appliances. The kitchen is also an area where the family members will spend a significant portion of their time. Therefore, safety and accessibility aspects should also be considered in the kitchen renovation. For the cabinets, you may consider refacing and refurnishing instead of total replacement. Wooden cabinets become obsolete if not maintained properly. However, steel cabinets have an extremely high useful life and they are also saved from termite and other worms. Renovation is also a good idea if you have plans of movement and you do not want to incur substantial kitchen remodel cost.


You can do a basic remodeling of your kitchen if you are on a tight budget. In this case, you will have to execute the tasks yourself to reduce the labor cost. Typical tasks that you can perform in a Do-It-Yourself project are:

  • Installation of prefabricated cabinets
  • Installing a backsplash
  • Installing countertops
  • Wall Painting
  • Installing appliances
  • Install lighting

By using good materials, you can do a basic remodeling within a kitchen remodel cost of $10,000 to $15,000. One of the benefits of DIY is that you are not in a hurry and time-bound. When you hire labor, you will be charged per hour and you will attempt to execute most of the tasks in a short duration. In a DIY method, you can explore each and every material after thorough research and do all the steps calmly and based on your availability. The table below shows the savings accomplished in a DIY model:


 Average Cost


  Average Pro Level Cost



  Average DIY Level Cost



  Reface Cabinets – DIY



  Replace Countertops



  Wall Covering




A good deal and the best selection of contractors are the critical success factors in kitchen remodeling. You should decide and agree on several factors as follows. First, you should ask whether the permits will be obtained by the contractor. Second, the procurement of material will be the responsibility of the contractor, you, or both you and the contractor will decide together about the quality of the material. The third crucial aspect is time. You should evaluate whether the time mentioned by the contractor for the given tasks is justified. You may compare the quotes of different vendors for the worthiness of their claims. Once you finalize a contractor, ensure that all the tasks are delivered within the committed deadline.


In your final kitchen remodeling agreement with the contractor, make sure that the following details are included:

  • Time frame of the project
  • List of all tasks
  • List of all materials
  • Total number of workers
  • Start Time and End Time each day
  • Responsibility of Permits
  • Responsibility for material procurement
  • Milestones after which partial payments will be released.

Kitchen remodel cost comprises various elements that together form a complete project. These include design fees, installation, appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting, flooring, doors/windows, walls/ceilings, faucets, and plumbing. If you have a limited budget, the first area where you can save the most is the labor cost. You should go for a DIY project and execute the tasks yourself. However, various elements of the project highlight that you can also save on other elements.

You will also be the designer and reduce the design fees. Appliances also have mid, low, and high range and you can save by doing a little research before purchasing. A contractor will never have time for such research. In most cases, contractors prefer purchasing from the same vendor. It saves them from any bargaining and they can also give back the defective piece. The drawback is that some other vendors might have the same material at a reduced price that will never be considered by the contractor. It might also be the case that some other vendor has the same product with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. DIY approach will not only enable you to stay within the budget but also facilitate you in reducing kitchen remodel cost in these associated factors.

  1. FAQ

How much does a kitchen remodel cost on average?

The national average kitchen remodel cost is $25,100. At a minimum, it will cost you $4,000 and a maximum of $60,000.

Do I need any permits for kitchen remodeling?

There are no standard guidelines applicable to the United States. However, every building administration wants to keep the architecture of all the constituent flats consistent. An extensive kitchen remodeling may affect this standard architecture due to which you will require taking the approvals. You will also need permits for dealing with gas pipelines and water flow systems.

Do I need any permit for kitchen demolition?

Kitchen demolition raises the same concerns of affecting the consistent building structure. Moreover, you may increase the actual home space as part of the renovation for which you should obtain the permit.

Are kitchen remodel costs the same in all cities/states of the U.S.?

There is a significant variation in kitchen remodel costs among states. It may be due to the scarcity of skilled professionals in some areas or due to the higher prices of materials in those areas.

What is the average kitchen remodel cost for a DIY project?

The average kitchen remodel cost for a DIY project is $16,000, which is a huge saving.

I have plans to leave my current house next year. Should I go for kitchen remodeling?

It depends on the current condition of your kitchen. If it has an adequate condition, you should not go for remodeling as you may not recover that cost at the time of selling. However, if the kitchen has become obsolete, then you should go for renovation instead of complete remodeling. It will increase the sale value of your home and you will also spend a good time that remains in your current home.