Briarsmoke mirror is a perfect mirror for people who appreciate classic designs and opt for natural materials. In contrast to mirrors with colorful frames, this mirror can be easily integrated into any room regarding its color pallet. Briarsmoke mirror is an interior design accessory that never goes out of fashion.

  • Color: Briarsmoke
  • Size: Select an option, the frame is around 3 inches wide.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • The mirror includes hanging hardware on the back and a video for easier instalacion.
  • Every mirror is sueper unique.
  • Build with eco friendly and non toxic materials.
  • The one shown in the picture is 5) 54 x 23 inches.
  • I can also create a different size, but please go to custom mirrors to discuss size, pricing.

Mounting options

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Briarsmoke is a unique color with an undertone of gray. It not just looks good but has an exclusivity, a certain degree of earthly richness about it. With the woody brown color of the recycled natural wood, briarsmoke is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the most preferred wood stains today. It looks good and brings out an aesthetic essence. With this thought in mind, at Muller Designs, we have creatively created the briarsmoke mirrors for the bathroom. The entire place, small or big, comes to life with this unique blend of colors. It lends an air of erudition to the room. Our original design of briarsmoke wall mirrors is a classical beauty because of various reasons:

Unlike many other décor pieces, ours is not machine-made. Our briarsmoke floor mirrors are not bulk-produced items. On the contrary, each piece is handcrafted with care by our trained artists.
The mirrors are made from reclaimed wood in the US, ensuring that we do our bit to keep the planet healthy and happy.
The briarsmoke mirrors were designed by the owner of Muller Designs, Alexander Muller. He is a master designer, having widely traveled the planet. He uses his experiences gathered from these places to fashion creatively inspired work.

Besides Briarsmoke, we have other colored mirror options too. You can browse all the available mirror options at muller-designs online store. Order for your choicest mirrors from ! Guaranteed quality, top-notch design, and flawless rendition! We accept self-delivery and shipping orders.

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1) 23×23 inches, 2) 30×23 inches, 3) 43×19 inches, 4) 40×23 inches, 5) 54×23 inches, 6) 30×30 inches, 7) 67×19 inches, 8) 67×24 inches, 9) 60×30 inches, 10) 42×36 inches


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