Rolling barn door has a unique way of optimizing space and adding some touch of beauty to the home. The use of rolling barn door hardware emphasis and personifies this beauty in a house. It has a way of blending in irrespective of the type of interior décor in the house. Whether the Victorian, rustic, modern, vintage, ancient Japanese, urban or contemporary design, it is sure to accentuate the design and creates more space. There little or no limit to the places you can mount this sliding door hardware. You can have it in your bedroom closet or to demarcate the bed, under the stairway to carve out a home office, sitting room to create a dining room or even the hallway. It looks great just anyway in the house. You can discover more from the Tips to Choose Barn Door Hardware.

Tips to maintain the rolling barn door and rolling barn door hardware

The type of maintenance you need depends largely on the type of the barn door hardware you choose. Rolling barn door allures the home with beauty and new look immediately after installation. But to maintain this look over the years, you need to do a few things. This is similar to taking care of the hardwood floor. Rolling barn door hardware has both moving and fixed parts what you need to know how to clean from time to time. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Cleaning The Barn Door Woods

Remember that the beautiful rolling door is as important as every other furniture in the house. You have to clean it from time to time to maintain the appealing effect. To clean the wooden part of the door, wipe the top of the frames with a soft rag to remove specks of dust. You can equally use a feather duster if you have one available. Ensure fragments do not clog the track of the rolling barn door hardware, otherwise, it may not slide properly. Use oil soap and soft rag to clean the entire surface of the varnished wood. Use glass cleaners if the door has glass panels. To clean the barn door pulls, use all-purpose cleaners. Your door will keep looking pristine always.

  • Cleaning The Rolling Barn Door Hardware

Opening and closing of the door leave specks of dust on top of the rolling barn door hardware. To clean and polish it, add some undiluted white vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe the surface. It is made of stainless steel so same cleaners for glass would work effectively. You can also use olive oil on the hardware. It will clean and grease it, making it easier to open and remove squeaky sounds if any.
It is very important to never use any sponge or rough old rags to clean the rolling barn door or the rolling barn door hardware. This would initiate and quicken the process of rusting on the hardware. Bleach or mineral acids should never go close to the rolling door hardware. Otherwise, you will damage the hardware and possibly void the warranty.

At Muller Designs, we make sell top quality rolling door and rolling barn door hardware. We equally provide tips and tricks for maintaining your beautiful doors.