Glass and bathroom vanity mirrors always gather dirt. Glass and mirrors are alike in terms of materials. No matter how often you clean, dust will still gather. Also, despite the meticulous cleaning, it may not be sparkling. This is the result of the streaks and lint.

Also, besides the streaks and lint, you need to also use the right tool to clean. For instance, you do not clean a glass, bathroom vanity mirrors, and full length floor mirrors with a paper towel. Paper towel is most likely to leave streaks behind on the surface.

There are other better materials for cleaning glass and bathroom vanity mirrors. A tool such as a microfiber, squeegee, and chamois. Paper towel and others may leave streaks behind. Thus, making the surface dull and appear dusty.

Interestingly, old newspaper works as an alternative to a paper towel. Thus, you can crumble an old newspaper and use it to clean bathroom vanity mirror. The print ink will not stain the mirror. Glass does not absorb ink to its surface. This is not the same for the frames. Also, do not use it for the frames.

Steps to cleaning glass and bathroom vanity mirrors

Step One
Before cleaning the bathroom vanity mirrors or luxury bathroom mirrors, gather all the supplies. Supplies such as clean water, white vinegar, spray bottle, microfiber cloth, large bowl and as well as a soft toothbrush. Please ensure you have all materials ready for commencing.

Step Two
If the mirror or glass has a wooden window sill, lay towels on it. For instance, the luxury bathroom mirrors. Lay towels to absorb spillover of the washing liquid. Also, avoid washing liquid splashing on other parts of the mirror.

Step Three
Mix a part of white vinegar with water and apply on the mirror surface. Spray it on the surface of the bathroom vanity mirror. You can also dip the washing clothes inside the mixture. Ensure to wring out any excess.

Step Four
Rub the surface of the bathroom vanity mirrors in a circular motion. Thus, you are unlikely to miss any spot. Wipe with vertical strokes and horizontal strokes to clean. This will leave the surface clean and shiny. Also, clean the edges with the soft toothbrush.

Lastly, use a clean cotton cloth to finish off the surface. This is like polishing for the glass.
Also, note the content of any commercial glass cleaner before using it on bathroom vanity mirrors. Ensure it does not contain any trace of ammonia. You can also club soda as a cleaner. Also, ensure to use clean water. The minerals in tap water may react with cleaning liquid.
Additionally, do not scrub the surface of glass or mirror with any object. You may scratch the surface and damage it. Avoid frequent cleaning of the mirror of glass. You can learn more about types of bathroom vanity mirrors.