What are mirrors?

Mirrors are simply referred to as objects. That have the ability to reflect light proportionately to the original object. In a simple term, a mirror reproduces whatever it’s in front of it. Although the most commonly used mirror is the plane mirror with a flat surface. For instance, the full length floor mirrors. Curved mirrors also exist which distort the reflected image, an example is a concave and convex mirror. The plane mirror is very common and can be found in almost every household.  The simplest form as in full length floor mirror or decorative wall mirrors. Irrespective of its purpose, it is almost certain to see a mirror in every home. It is part of our daily life routine to use the mirror.

How to make mirrors

Every mirror has two surfaces, the reflective part, and the none reflective part. You can make a mirror by applying chemical compounds with reflective properties on the surface of a glass. Some of these compounds could be paints, copper, silver, chemical activator and Tin (II) Chloride. So, whenever you see those beautiful decorative bathroom mirrors or rustic wall mirrors remember that it’s the finished product of chemical coating and glass. There exist some mirrors made directly from polished metals. Some are mostly used as decorative wall mirrors and for some engineering purposes unlike the full length floor mirror.

Applications of mirror at home

Over the years, the uses of the mirror have become extensive. It has gone from home to industrial for specific purposes.

  • For decoration

    Both planes, concave and convex mirrors find their use at home for decoration purposes. Plane mirrors, for instance, produces reflected images in their normal proportion. It is very suitable for making full length floor mirrors, and bathroom vanity mirrors. Concave mirror curves inward like a spoon. They are suitable for decoration because of the illusion of largeness that it creates. You can use it for decorative bathroom mirrors, decorative vanity mirrors, and decorative wall mirrors. A convex mirror has a spherical shape that produces distorted smaller images is suitable for decoration. You can discover more from Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors

  • For dressing

    Full length floor mirrors are always a good judge when it comes to dressing. Sometimes, we even trust it more than the opinion of others around. This mirror not only helps us to pick dress but also provides a full-length view of our body at a glance. Rustic wall mirrors are also handy when dabbing the face with powder and makeups. Ladies place important priority on a good mirror despite the size. Shaving is much easier with the bathroom vanity mirrors, every detail on the face clearly shows. Truth is that without mirrors, life would be awkward so never undermine their existence.

Beside the full-length floor mirrors and the luxury bathroom mirrors at home. Some other useful application of mirrors also exists. Dentists, engineers, drivers, police, and teachers all use a mirror. For instance, dentists use mirrors to locate and view decays in the inner parts of the mouth. Engineers use the reflective abilities of a mirror to transmit rays. Mechanics use mirror to view inaccessible parts of the machines. The usefulness of mirror is very extensive, their existence is important.