Interior decoration is basically the science and art involved in the enhancing of a building or space to create a more aesthetic and pleasing environment. It involves the proper management of space. Furniture, paints, floorings and other embellishments find its use more in interior decoration. Several styles of interior decor exist now. Let’s look at some of the recent styles.

Contemporary Style

This style often emphasizes on popular designs. It puts textures and shapes to spotlight. This style is always evolving to stay ahead of the latest trends. Metal and wood often find its use more in contemporary style. This style is well known for the contrasting hues and shades of colors. Patterns and paints are boldly put on display. Barn door hardware often finds its use in the furniture in contemporary style. Modern architectural designs add more exquisite and elegance to this style.

Rustic Style

The focal point of this style is in nature. It involves the use of woods and stones to create a natural masterpiece. Mainly natural materials are constructed in beautiful and attractive ways. Embellishments are made with materials like glass, clay, sisal, bamboo, cotton, rattan, and paper is incorporated. Rustic decor style features hardwood or stone flooring and wooden beams and columns. The barn door hardware can be incorporated to create even a more rustic natural effect to the doors.

Arts and Craft style

This style embraces natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Its color is based on the natural materials like bark, stones, grasses, and leaves. Wood is the most important element in this style. It’s the base on which other designs would follow. Woods like oak, pines, and maple are mostly used. Modern day art and craft normally integrate barn door hardware. It blends perfectly well with the hardwood, stones and slate floors.

Traditional Style

This is a classic European decor with deep wood tones and elegant furnishings. It typifies simplicity and comfort in its design. This style integrates antiques, large furniture and fireplace to create a seamless look. The walls are usually painted neutral colors and the furniture incorporates rich shades of blue, brown and red. One key element of this style is the wood floor. Dark woods like the maple, cherry, and mahogany are used. The barn door hardware can include in the architectural embellishments to create a luxurious appeal.

Industrial Style

This style involves transforming spaces and building into loft designs by creating an illusion of rough surfaces using materials that typify an industrial environment. Leaving some surfaces and walls unfinished and rough creates an industrial look. Rough metals, steels, and woods create an industrial atmosphere. Barn door hardware is parts of the accessories that can create an industrial appeal in the house. Clear bright colors like white and gray create a warm and crisp feel to the house. The floor design calls for polished concrete or timber flooring with good and clean finishing.

Now you know interior decoration is broad. There are many styles to choose from according to your appeal and taste.