What probably comes to mind when you hear mirror is the bathroom. This is true because almost every bathroom has a mirror in it whether big or small. This is about to change because mirrors do not belong to the bathroom only. There are many wonderful places in the house to decorate and beautify with a mirror. Be it a large wood full-length mirror or a small size, it can beautify a home when placed in the right place. Mirrors provide amazing reflection and illusion of space when rightly positioned. Read on to discover some tips for decorating with a mirror in a house.


A bathroom is a well-accepted place for a mirror. Everyone loves to take a look at the face in the morning or immediately after washing the face. A full-length mirror will create a dramatic appeal in the bathroom. You can also try out the simple bathroom mirror, it will beautify the bathroom and even steal the lights. Bathroom mirrors are available in different sizes. Wood mirror framed placed in the bathroom will be easy to clean and wipe.


A full-length mirror in the bedroom always creates a dramatic effect. It creates more space in the room and reflects light more. A full-length mirror rightly positioned in the room adds beauty to the room. A dressing mirror in the bedroom is an asset to the owner. It gives full opportunity to have a full look at yourself before stepping out. The mirror can visually expand the space in a room. The key is choosing the right position and angle. Make sure the frame is of the same colour with the room painting.


The dining room is always a perfect place for mirrors. The reflection of light from the plates and cutleries on the table creates a warm reflection on the mirror. A dining table with candlelight makes it even cozier. Mirror in the dining room is ideal for a full house. A good time to see your reflection when enjoying some delicious meals. A wide rectangular mirror will create and elegant and relaxing atmosphere in the dining room.

Sitting room

Some furniture in the sitting room can come with a mirror. The secret here is to use small wall mirrors and place them on an artwork. A full rectangular mirror can form a palette background for the picture frames. It creates a flawless look to the decorations and pictures. If positioned rightly, it draws light from the other part of the sitting room and keeps the placed bright. With mirrors, you do not need too much light to brighten up the sitting room. For a flush look use a stylish frame with the most dominant colour in the room.


The kitchen is one amazing place to drop a mirror. In some kitchen, the space above the sink doesn’t have windows. A mirror can be placed on that to bring more light into the kitchen. It even makes it easier to maintain a conversation with others in the kitchen. You just look in the while using the sink. The mirror could be framed with wood or just frill etchings. A blank wall or tiled backsplash in the kitchen can be replaced with a mirror. It creates more space and light.

So, there you have it, check out the mirrors here and through some light and beauty to your house.