Woods has been one of the oldest sources of survival for man. Man has used woods since existence to do numerous things. It is used as a source of fire, for building shelter, for boat transportations, and furniture. Modern day usage of wood has improved with the explosion of knowledge. Man discovered the limitless opportunities that lie in wood. Medium density compressed fiberboard popularly called (MDF) is one those manmade wood products. It is wood made from fragments of woods combined with resin binders and wax subjected to high temperature and pressure. The engineering of MDF has been in existence since the 80s. MDF comes in several thicknesses with different varieties. Some are moisture resistant and fire retardant. MDF has the issues of producing serious specks of dust when cutting it and it dulls saw quicker. Design limitation often affects MDF and it cannot withstand severe temperature and load.

Handmade products made of wood are the real deal. This is the cutting and shaping of natural wood into various shapes and sizes. As you know nothing beats nature, wood retains the very essence in a natural wood. It has numerous advantages over MDF.  Wood offers the opportunity for buyers to make their own designs. Several designs can be carved out from natural wood. This is why many still prefer handmade work as the first choice. It can serve for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  Wood can last for years and generations; it is considered an investment for future generations.

Wood is environmentally friendly. Woods are harvested from the forest which is a renewable source. All the fragments from woods are biodegradable which pose no threat to the environment, unlike MDF that has resins. Wood is natural, with a flawless finish. It is naturally beautiful. It is strong and very durable. Its resilience can withstand heavy duty weight. There is no need worrying over replacements. Wood is very easy to maintain, simply wipe the surface for dust and it shines again. You can easily remove stains with cleaning products and it leaves no mark or damage to the surface.

Wood is weather resistant. It is a furniture for all seasons of the year. Whether indoor or outdoor, the extreme cold of the winter or the hot summer, the wood remains the same. Wood is truly a worthy investment. It adds beauty to the house. It is always a focal point in home decorations. Wood furniture is worth every penny labelled on it. It is authentic and unique in its designs.

At muller-designs.com, we have full length mirror made out of wood. This full length mirror is very unique, beautiful, and long-lasting. The woods are beautifully crafted with hands to the best quality. It is very easy to maintain, no special treatment is required just wipe the surface and it glows in beauty. The bathroom mirror is also available. The bathroom mirror is framed with natural wood. The wood can withstand the humid temperature of the bathroom. This is a top choice for most homes and exquisite hotels around the world. Join the elite class and beautify your home with this lovely antique. It will indeed give yours of beauty and elegance.