Did you know that a full length mirror can make your room feel bigger? Oh yes, it can. Some may consider adding more lights and colours. That could work but works better in combination with a mirror. Spice it up with bright colours and use a mirror to reflect the natural light.

Full length mirror has many applications in a room. Many uses as dressing mirror for a better view. Also, some use it for decorative purposes. But a stand-alone mirror does more than that. It can enlarge your space by creating an illusion.

You can add a touch of presence and drama to your room with a full length mirror. There are many splendid ways you can do this. Let’s look at some of the amazing ways you can enlarge your space.

Full length mirror in the bedroom

Mirrors in the bedroom aren’t just for dressing. It is also for enlarging the space in the room. You can position a large mirror directly opposite the window. Thus, letting it reflect the natural light. Also, it reduces the usage of light.

Also, it will bring in the natural colours of the sun. It will light up every corner thereby increasing the space. Having a standalone mirror in room serves a lot purpose. You can also the full length mirror to reflect a colour in the room.

Full length mirror in the dining room

Adding a stand-alone mirror to your dining room can make it feel larger. Also, it will reflect and magnify the lights. It leaves little or no dark spot. Mirrors will make your dining more welcoming. You can intentionally position the mirror to reflect a décor or painting.

Imagine a dining table with only four seats. A full length mirror in the right spot can literally double this seats. Also, it will reflect the table with the finishing in a delicate way. This is one way to enhance and enlarge your room.

Full length mirror in the living room

The living room is the first port of call for every visitor. Also, a relaxing place for family members. So, the larger it is, the better it is. A mirror can accentuate the space and make it appear bigger. Not only would it beautify the space but also enlarge the space.

You can have a mirror on the wall opposite the finishing you wish to reflect. It will magnify the space and make it look larger. Also, you can have it behind decorations. It will be less visible and also does its magic.

Full length mirror in the bathroom

The bathroom can do with a stand-alone mirror not just the usual bathroom mirror. Besides the bathroom vanity mirror, you can also add a large mirror. It will create a dramatic effect in the bathroom. Also, it will reflect more light.

You can position a full length mirror to enlarge the sink space. You observe this design at airports and five-star hotels. It will reflect the bathtub. Also, it will create a sense of grandeur and appeal to the bathroom.

Finally, you can add a full length mirror to the gym. Mirror creates an illusion of largeness. Also, it could be behind the exercise mat, treadmill and along the walls. It creates an amazing experience. You can check the gallery now to make a choice.