Everyone loves when the chandelier is sparkling with lights and gives a glow t your dining room. Perhaps you feel desperate when sawdust on chandelier crystals collect on tiny pieces—thinking about how to clean your chandelier before the guest arrives.

There are two methods to clean your chandelier: clean it without moving it down, clean individual pieces quickly, or without tearing it apart.

So let’s get started,


Time margin to Clean a Chandelier

A typical chandelier has to be cleaned at least once a year or maybe twice. At the same time, crystal chandeliers need to be clean when crystals look dull. The most detailed design and large chandelier need a long time to clean.

Think! Before starting…!

The chandelier is a more complicated object than any other lamp. It has a detailed structure, even its hanging structure, and pattern. So before starting, always keep in mind to take a notebook to write all the crystal pieces together accordingly. You can secure yourself from mismanagement and fitting back the parts together so firmly by taking this step. You can make a point, diagram, or take a picture and paste it. Also, you can decide on cleaning per section to prevent yourself from mixing pieces. If your chandelier is too detailed and too much on height, so better to call a professional service to handle it properly.

Be Safe: Turn Off the Power!

You have to take care of any electrical gadget. Better to switch off the plug before starting to protect yourself from any hazards. Work slowly and follow all basic steps and safety precautions. You can also place tape on the electrical socket to prevent the fixture from inadvertently being turned on while you’re working.

But keep setting an alternative light around. Otherwise, you may be working in a dark

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier without putting it Down


Step 1:

It is the easiest method for all of them. If you do clean the chandelier regularly, then it will not become dirty frequently. Here are some tips through which the whole process goes smoothly.

Step 2:

Place the blanket or any piece of cloth under the chandelier to catch fall pieces and save them from breaking.

Step 3:

Turn of the switch of the chandelier as a precautionary measure. You can place a piece of tape on the light switch to prevent an accident while working. Alternatively, take an extra light source at a time of need while working.

Step 4:

Create a dilute solution of isopropyl alcohol and water in one-fourth quantity. 

Step 5:

 Wear white cotton gloves to protect your skin from crystal parts and alcoholic solution while working.

Step 6:

Use a ladder to reach out the crystal chandelier for cleaning.

Step 7:

Use a lint-free cloth for cleaning after using a homemade cleaning solution. Don’t spray directly on the chandelier. It will create a mess.

Step 8:

Thoroughly clean each piece of crystal with a damp cloth such as a microfiber cloth to prevent from water spot, then immediately go towards dryness of all pieces accordingly.

Best Way to finely Clean a Crystal Chandelier


For cleaning more easily, you have to take all the crystal pieces from the chandelier. It will allow you to reach every part of the frame. Some crystal chandeliers have difficult hanging patterns that will make you confused. So follow these simple steps to take a good reach. 

  • Make a notebook where you can draw or place a picture that will make it easy to hang again as it was before.
  • Use the same solution for cleaning as mentioned above, like one part isopropyl alcohol and four-part distilled or tap water. 
  • Remove one section first and clean it, then remove the second section accordingly.
  • Dry immediately to prevent spotting.

Things to remember:

You will keep a few things in your mind like it does not matter which method you choose; don’t try to rotate your crystal chandelier. Don’t move the ladder around your chandelier because, during a rotation, you may lose support, and the chandelier may fall and break.

Before starting working, it is better to remove all the bulbs from the chandelier for better reach; after working, check all the bulbs lightning as it works properly or not.


It no doubt the chandelier enhances the beauty of your dining area or any other place where you hang. Like everything chandelier also needs cleaning from dust or maintenance at least once a year. Same as we change the oil from the car and clean dust from furniture, this will keep your chandelier as beautiful and functional as before. If we don’t clean our chandelier properly, it will readily affect the function of light. So here we discussed all the useful methods that will help you in cleaning in no time, and your chandelier looks new as before ever after year by year.