What is Feng Shui

Feng shui is 3,000 years old Chinese practice of arranging buildings, things, and the environment to produce harmony and balance. According to feng shui, all objects have energy called chi, which you can employ to attract luck, riches, and opportunity into your home. People across the world employ feng shui principles to arrange their homes.


What does Feng Shui Mean

Feng Shui is composed of two different meanings words. Feng means wind, while Shui means water. Feng shui conception comes from the Taoist. The idea of Taoist positive energy on all things is called Chi. It has two components the Yin and Yang. These opposite forces are well connected.

According to Taoists, you can enhance positivity and reduce negativity by keeping the balance between both components. Feng shui is a technique to enhance chi by harmonizing both components in your life.


How to Pronounce Feng Shui

The common pronunciation of the feng shui is Fung Shway. However, there are many types of words used all over the world for Feng Shui such as fung soi, fung sheui, fungshe, fung Shui, Feng shui, fung shwai, fung shway.


How to Feng Shui Your Home

To get that energy flowing, try these Feng Shui simple suggestions for revitalizing your homes and lives.

Keep the Front Door Opened

In Feng shui, the front door of your home has great importance. It is the means to bring energy to your homes and lives. Positive energy can come into your home through an open and inviting pathway.  If your front door is closed, you might decline the energy. Grow a red-flowering plant or use red accent colors on or around your front entrance. According to feng shui red color brings vitality, wealth, and good fortune in your life.

Organize Your Clutter

In feng shui, if you have clutter in your house that shows your congested mind. Even worse, all the clutter of your house reduces the chi that is the positive energy of your home. If there is clutter in your home even if you have hide that in some places, will clutter your mind as well as the rest of your body.

Bring the Outside in with You

Nature provides a sense of calmness. Nature reduces anger and anxiety while elevating emotions of joy. So let in as much natural light as possible, open windows and doors to let fresh air in, and bring plants inside. You can use paintings of nature and its calmness to decorate the walls.

Make Good Use of Mirrors

Mirrors reflect energy, so place them in areas where you’d like to see more of it. Also, make certain that the mirrors reflect something lovely. Finally, if you want to add mirrors to your bedroom design, consider twice.

Stop the Chi from Getting Away

Your positive energy chi can get away if your front door flies out the back door or window, you will not be able to get advantages from them. It’s runaway chi if your front door is open and there is a direct route to the back door or a window. Stopping runaway chi can be accomplished by placing furniture or other decorative objects in or near the dubious path, as well as utilizing rugs to obstruct energy passage.

Use Caution When Placing Family Photographs

Images of children, family, and friends may make you think about your commitments, which prevents the mind (and body) from relaxing. So, in the bedroom, only retain images of you and your husband or partner and put the rest in the dining or family areas.

Keep Plants in Your Home

For feng shui, your home plants play a great role because of their own chi and bring more energy. Plants work best in the kitchen to create a balance between hot and cold appliances, the dining area to attract wealth in the home, and the family room to promote health, life, and love.

Make Your Life Shine

Bright lights energize the body. If you want to save money on electricity, use high-wattage bulbs in the corridors and lower-wattage bulbs throughout the house. Place objects in your home that evoke happy emotions and help you to feel better. If there’s something that makes you happy, put it somewhere where you can see it.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedrooms

According to feng shui, the bedroom is the most essential room in the house. It’s the space where you spend the most time and where you feel the most at ease. Furthermore, you usually need time there for resting in this room. When you’re sleeping, you’re in a more passive condition, so all the energy in the room has a greater impact on you.

Feng Shui Tips for Better Bedroom Feng Shui

Any feng shui improvements you make in the bedroom will have the greatest impact on you. Let’s have a look at some feng shui ideas for your bedroom.

Your Bed Direction for Good Feng Shui

Always determine that your bed is in a dominant position. This indicates you are facing the door from your bed, but not directly in line with it. Any doors that open directly in front of the bed should be avoided. Place your headboard against a sturdy wall, leaving space on the bed’s other three sides-left, right, and foot. Never choose to place your headboard to the wall against a toilet. If possible, avoid sleeping under low beams, soffits, or slanted ceilings.

Purchase a Headboard

In your life, especially in your connections, a headboard indicates stability and support. The greatest headboards have no perforations and are solid.

De-Clutter the Area Beneath Your Bed

Take a careful check under your bed to see what you have stored there. While you are sleeping in a yin state, the things you stored under our mattresses influence you. The qi, which is the life force energy, can then easily flow everything about you while you sleep, refreshing you.

Minimize Electronics in the Bedroom

On a practical level, we all know that having devices in our bedrooms can cause sleep disruption. If you’re having difficulties sleeping, try to keep devices out of the bedroom as much as possible.

Place a Set of Nightstands on Bedsides

There should be enough space on both sides of the bed. Using two nightstands rather than one might show irregularity that could be distracting. They do not have to match, but they should complement each other and be well-balanced. It aids in the creation of space and harmony for you and your partner.

Colors that are Feng Shui Friendly Should be Used

For adding extra passion to your bedroom try to use red. Colors that are earthy or neutral provide more support and calm. Most crucial, notice and pay attention to the colors that draw you in. If we just listen, we may often figure out exactly what we require


Remove the Books from the Room

We love books, but if they are making you feel tense in your bedroom, it’s time to give them a new home. The book you are reading right now on your nightstand is OK. We’re talking about having a bookcase or stacks of books in the bedroom. Try shifting the books out of the way for a better night’s sleep.

Make Sure Your Home Gym is not in Your Bedroom

Workout equipment is yang in nature, which means it is a source of active energy. While this is useful in other parts of the house, it is not useful in your bedroom. It’s best to store workout equipment in another room of your house if you want your bedroom to be more yin to assist you in rest and sleep.

Separate Your Work and Personal Lives

The bedroom, like home fitness equipment, is not the best spot for a home office. Having your desk and work supplies right beside your bed might make it difficult to unwind in the evening and to stay focused and awake throughout the day.


 The Size of Your Bed Matters

If you want to bring a partner into your life, be sure you have enough room for both of you. While twin beds are good for kids, they aren’t suitable for adults.

Choose Bed Sheets Intentionally

You spend a lot of time in your bed, resting and sleeping, so it is a good idea to think about what you are surrounded by during that time! You can choose the color of your bedsheets based on what you want to attract into your life.

Bring in Some New Flowers


Choose blooms that appeal to you when it comes to cut flowers. It is also entertaining to seek up the meanings and choose them that way. Make sure the water is fresh and that the flowers are discarded when they are no longer viable.

Keep Your Room Clean


Finally, be available to clean your room regularly. For the best feng shui, smudge the bedroom or simply diffuse sweet orange oil to uplift.