Functionality, aesthetics, and perfect chandelier are key for creating comfort in any room. This fact is unlikely to be denied by anyone. For creating home environments, huge chandeliers are most often used in the living room. Such models are heavy and mounted with special fittings. But this is not the only point to which you should pay attention. Our experts decided to focus on stylistics, creativity, and choice of material. If people want to add sophistication to their interior with lamps, some tips will be helpful.

Top Ideas for Chandelier Design

In order for a chandelier to please the eye and perform its practical functions in the best possible way, it must optimally match the style of the living room. People should consider both dimensions and weight. The style in which the ceiling lamp was designed is also important. The most perfect lighting complements a cozy environment, not annoying people. If you are particularly meticulous, pay attention to the following:

  1. Hanging chandeliers are the most popular. Such models can be attached to a chain or spring. It looks gorgeous, so it’s hard not to notice such decorations.
  2. All ceiling models are compact. Such chandeliers are mounted just under the ceiling. This means that ceiling lighting is suitable even for rooms with low ceilings.
  3. Fluorescent ones are 5-20 times more durable than glow lamps. Such models consume much less electricity.
  4. Dark surfaces (walls, furniture) reflect light less well, so for Country or Baroque, people need more lamps.

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Perfect chandelier have been around long before electricity came along. Even 100 years ago, people used candles instead of lamps. So the design of chandeliers was as complicated as possible. This was the only way to achieve optimal bending of the rays in the premises and prevent the scattering. But even today, manufacturers have not stopped using complex lighting schemes, different types of lamps. Most of the companies offer to control the chandelier remotely. Advanced technologies allow manufacturers to create chandeliers of any shape and size, from a variety of materials. The same goes for functionality. Let’s take a closer look at this.

1. Perfect Vintage Chandelier — It Looks Spectacular in Any Modern Interior

Those who visit the lamp store can be confused by a huge range of interesting models. When in doubt, go for the Vintage and you won’t be disappointed. Choosing such chandeliers, people should not only take into account their own preferences but also measure the parameters of the room. It is important that the ceiling height is at least 2-2.3 m. Take care that your guests do not catch the lamp with their heads or hands. If you have already decided on the style, pay attention to the following technical nuances.

  1. For rooms where people need subdued soft light, it is worth choosing lamps with a power rating of 10-12 W per square meter.
  2. When arranging rooms with moderate lighting (nursery, bathroom), people should choose the number of lamps based on the recommended 15-18 W/m2.
  3. For any space where roomers need bright light (kitchen, living room), 20 W/m2 is required.

With a ceiling height of 2.5-2.7 m (in most apartments), ceiling models will be more appropriate. As an exception, there are chandeliers on long hangers, which are mounted in several pieces and hung over the dining table. In this case, the lamps can be lowered. The height is usually adjustable. Such chandeliers do not provide general but local lighting.
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In the conventional sense, any vintage chandelier is considered the most elegant and expressive element of the interior. Typically, a lighting design consists of several or even a dozen bulbs. Contemporary models with spectacular lampshades can resemble traditional candles. We will find such style in both private and commercial interiors, especially in tall rooms, which should impress the visitors. Ceiling lights of this type can be very large and are sometimes heavy brass structures. Although using wooden beams is also an option.

2. Scandinavian Style — What is the Specificity of Such a Concept?

The Scandinavian style is very specific. Most manufacturers use typical natural materials such as wood, fabric, and metal. This applies not only to lighting but also to other decorations. Although in recent years, such concepts have changed significantly. Craftsmen who create perfect chandelier are increasingly inclined to substitute wood as their base design. This is because they want to make the structures less weighty. In this way, people want to prevent any mounting problems. You should be just as meticulous when choosing material for the following:

  • Ceiling decoration
  • Frame of mirrors
  • Dressing tables and other furniture

When arranging a Scandinavian or other interiors, it is important to understand that the power of the lamps in the chandelier is summed up. Take a 12 m2 bedroom as an example. We have 120 W of the total power of incandescent lamps will be required. So a three-arm chandelier (almost the most popular option) with three 40 W lamps will suffice. As a good analog, 10 W fluorescent lamps or 4 W LED lamps. If you don’t understand such nuances, it is best to consult an experienced electrician.

LED bulbs are the best lighting option for the Scandinavian style. In this case, people will find more simplicity and harmony. If you prefer such designs, you have elegant, minimalist lighting shapes. There is also a creative avant-garde. For example, the works of Paul Henningsen are iconic for Scandinavian lighting. Although such collectible models will cost a pretty penny. A budget of 2-3 thousand dollars is unlikely to be enough.

3. Classic Chandelier — Is it So Perfect?

Although any cut-glass chandelier is more associated with classic interiors, this type of lighting works just as well in a modern living room. People should only choose a model with greater awareness. For example, crystalline chandeliers are very popular in which the composition of light points is based on the combination of straight lines at different angles. Of course, it is impressive. With such a concept, the lighting is dynamic and suitable for the modern interior. Most perfect chandelier are ideal for the following spaces:

  • Spacious hallways
  • Halls of five-star hotels
  • Multi-story cottages
  • Banking halls

For most people who prefer classic crystal lighting, not only style is important but also safety. Due to the increase of heat generated by incandescent and halogen lamps, people have not used most bulky chandeliers near materials that are susceptible to temperature rise. Consider this fact when you choose your next model. Moreover, cleaning features are no less important. Crystal elements are very susceptible to any household chemicals.

4. Baroque & Renaissance Style: Dimmable Lamps and More

The Baroque and Renaissance period was a real revolution for lighting concepts. The chandeliers created in those days were tiered (consisted of several circles of different sizes), and were richly decorated with brass plates, glass, and crystals. All such ideas have made the light sources extremely efficient but also much more demanding to maintain. Baroque and Renaissance But, if you want the light to be reflected and refracted in glass and crystal accessories, increasing the brightness, choose these models.

At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, the production of the first blown glass chandeliers began. It’s about the most impressive models that best fit the Baroque and Renaissance style. Such products were made by the Italian designer and architect Gio Ponti, who worked on the Venetian island of Murano. Today, such concepts are relevant but not for country houses.

When arranging living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s rooms, it is a good idea to use dimmable lamps, the luminous flux of which can be changed. This is a convenient and economical solution. Although it is not always easy to find such lamps among energy-saving models. If the perfect chandelier has several levels of lamps, people can use some led chains with a separate switch in order to regulate the luminous flux and keep the necessary atmosphere.

5. Perfect Chandelier — Cases When People Shouldn’t Overpay

Most people, when choosing a chandelier, first of all, take into account the material from which the frame is made. This not only determines the style of the luminaire and its main performance characteristics, but also the price. Inexpensive lamps on a round, square, or rectangular frame are in great demand. In most cases, classic light bulbs are replaced by LEDs, which are also durable and energy-saving. So, any cheap chandelier brings people some benefits, keeping their budget. If you are not picky about style, such models are just for you.

6. What About a Loft Style?

The second half of the 19th century is the time when the mass production of light bulbs began and with them electric chandeliers. Crystal details became redundant and the demand for more affordable models grew steadily. Simple electric chandeliers became popular in the early 20-th century. In those years, the demand for wall or table lamps was also growing. Today, such models are relevant for lofts and country houses.

Metal and wooden chandeliers are stronger than glass ones, and the maintenance of such structures is simplified. Most loft lighting fixtures are made of steel, copper, brass, or bronze, such models can be chrome or gold plated. It looks good when combined with country style or solid wood furniture. Although you should understand that it is better not to hang such lamps in rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.

7. Extraordinary Design for Perfect Chandelier : Luminaire Shapes, Concepts and More

Most chandelier manufacturers are creative. You can be convinced of this by looking at the range of any electrical equipment store. So, people can choose from unusual ideas and find chandeliers, which are brought back to the 1940s and 1950s. The most original models are about the Birdie with winged light bulbs (by Ingo Maurer) or the Dear Ingo chandelier (by Ron Gilad, who created it with a dedication to Ingo Maurer). Although the range of extraordinary designs does not end there.

The use of a fabric chandelier is an equally relevant solution for modern interiors. This is a great option for Boho, Ethno, and Classic interiors. Manufacturers use strong fabrics that are treated with dust-repellent substances and offer the most extraordinary shapes. You can find models embellished with lace and macramé. It is better to equip such perfect chandelier with LED lamps that give a minimum of heat, and not use it in the kitchen.


Any well-chosen lighting in your home with the best bulbs with a specific wattage and color temperature has a huge impact on well-being. Many experts believe that each room should have several light sources. They divide lighting into basic, spot, and decorative. In this article, we took a closer look at the best chandelier ideas. Maybe it fits for ceiling lighting in your room. Just choose one of the models described above.