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A chandelier is a good option if you want to light up your dining area with an esthetic look. But before buying, it is crucial to know how to hang the chandelier at the right spot with proper height. It gives enough lightning and looks stylish; remember that chandelier lightning makes your room well furnished if placed in the appropriate position.

So let’s look at this article which gives you high tips to position your chandelier correctly.

It is challenging to find a chandelier that fits your need, almost impossible. Here is advice on customizing your chandelier from the number of light bulbs size and chain lengths.

Here is a tip where you can customize your Chandeliers    Muller Designs

Choosing a Chandelier to Fit Your Dining Room and How to hang a chandelier from a 20-foot ceiling

Room size and lights in the chandelier are responsible for brightening up your dining room. The Larger dining room requires a big chandelier for enough lightning, while a small room requires a small one. Measure the width and height of your dining area together, then calculate the perfect diameter of the chandelier in inches accordingly. For example, a room measuring 20 feet by 25 feet, 40 in total, must have an approx 40-inch chandelier.

How to hang chandelier

Choosing the right chandelier: how to hang it? Where to use it? Buying the right size with enough light:

  • If you want to place a chandelier in the dining room, it must be hung in the mid of the dining table and room-sized accordingly.
  • You are not buying a chandelier larger than your dining table. Instead, a chandelier must be 12 inches smaller than a dining table. Or at least 48 inches narrower than the wall edges.
  • Hang chandeier according to your room cieling hight. If 8 feet is the ceiling height, the chandelier must be placed 30 to 34 inches over the table. If your ceiling is 8 feet higher, then the height of the chandelier increases accordingly.
  • Remember that the lightning from a chandelier is most important. It may be annoying and uncomfortable if the light comes directly on a person’s face or makes shadows and the bulb’s heat overhead.
  • Avoid placing a high voltage bulb in the chandelier to cause excessive heat on the table glare.
  • Try to add some covering over bulbs that will help to control light and set your changing mood.
  • If your chandelier has no proper lighting, you can add some lights on your dining table at the centerpiece and use an adjustable fixture with narrow bulb lightning. This bulb at the dining table creates additional visual interest in the chandelier.
  • A chandelier can change or interior in a beautiful way either you hang it into your interior spaces or outdoor in an open lobby, it creates a great transition to your entire home. Hang a chandelier to your upstairs or side passage can create a good look.

  • If you set your dining room in your lobby, then it’s maybe taller and longer. So your chandelier easily fills this longer space and looks stunning.

  • Suppose you want to hang a chandelier in your kitchen and another area of your house, then it appears differently. But it’s the same as 30 to 34 inches high from the tabletop.

  • You can also renew your chandelier by placing some hanging wires or using fabric to create an aesthetic look.


If you have a long dining room and a long space for a dining table, then you are lucky enough you arrange it according to your interests. So you can also hang two chandeliers on the rooftop instead of one. When you decide to hang up multiple lights over the table. Select the fixtures that are third the width of the table and hang up them centrally at each side of the table

What is the exact position of CHANDELIER over MY TABLE?

The height of your chandelier should be 30 to 36 inches up to your tabletop.

Make sure that you place your chandelier in the proper position, and fill the lower part of your chandelier with some beautiful crystals. You can use the thumb rule to make it easy to understand, like for each foot of ceiling, you must add 2 to 3 inches of chandelier height.

For example: if you have an 8-foot ceiling, then the height of your chandelier must be 20 to 24 inches. Similarly, for 10 feet, your chandelier must be 30 to 36 inches high.


Don’t select that chandelier that cant provide enough light to your dining room and other spaces of your room. The dining area is an important space to enjoy your food, so this place needs ample overhead illumination.


So here you understand clearly that how much height is needed to hang a chandelier over your dining room or how to calculate the height to hang a chandelier or lightning base of your ceiling height, and how to select the right size of the chandelier for your spaces. I hope this guide helps determine the best chandelier according to your need, which saves a lot from financial headaches.

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